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Nurtured Minds Therapy supports mental health

Nurtured Minds Therapy
Nurtured Minds Therapy has recently been opened by Gina Hansen and offers hypnotherapy, neuro linguistic programming and counselling.

Following a lengthy career in psychology, Bundaberg woman Gina Hansen has opened her own business in the region called Nurtured Minds Therapy.

Located at Suite 9/44 Princess Street, the business offers hypnotherapy, neuro linguistic programming and counselling to support people through a range of mental and personal health issues.

Gina said the establishment of her business had come about after she found herself becoming more frustrated with the lack of support for people who had trauma in their life.

She said before delving into providing hypnotherapy, she had experienced the service for herself.

“I started having hypnotherapy myself to assist with some of the emotional triggers that I was experiencing while working in the mental health space,” she said.

“I found hypnotherapy allowed me the freedom of processing all of the emotions that I had held onto throughout my life.”

Gina said there were a range of benefits to hypnotherapy.

“Hypnotherapy has the power to allow individuals to process and let go of stuck emotions,” she said.

“These emotions often lead to unhealthy coping strategies such as smoking, drinking, drugs and over eating.

“Hypnotherapy can also assist in creating new neural pathways and altering existing ones in order to create new patterns of behaviours and create new memories.

“People can create positive experiences for themselves by interrupting old patterns of thinking and behaving.”

Nurtured Minds Therapy
Nurtured Minds Therapy is located on Princess Street, Bundaberg East.

Nurtured Minds Therapy supports women

Gina said as part of Nurtured Minds Therapy, she also provided a safe space for women to feel listened to and accepted.

“I provide women with the opportunity to create a life where they can become confident and empowered,” she said.

“I also have a passion for providing support to women who are currently supporting loved ones living with addictions.”

Gina said the opening of her business had come at a time when people often struggled with mental health.

“Christmas is not always a time of joy and happiness,” she said.

“It can be a reminder of loss and grief. It can be a very lonely time for some people or a time when they are reminded of childhood trauma.

“Christmas can also be a time of stress when you are trying to juggle a thousand things and make everyone else happy while sometimes sacrificing your own happiness.”

In the New Year, Gina said she would be expanding her services to include new programs for those who were also suffering from the mental strain that came with quitting nicotine, exercising and more.

“I will be offering new programs to start in the New Year including Virtual Gastric Band and Quit Smoking Sessions,” she said.

“These sessions are for people who are genuinely invested in their own mental and physical health and who want to start the New Year with healthy mind sets and healthy habits.”

To find out more about Nurtured Minds Therapy phone 0423 041 964.