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Bungadoo crews assist with floodwater clean up

Bungadoo wet weather
Bungadoo Rural Fire Brigade crews have pitched in to help townships including Dallarnil, which were impacted by the weekend's severe wet weather. Photo: North Dallarnil Rural Fire Brigade

It's been all hands on deck for the local team of Bungadoo Rural Fire Brigade who have been assisting with the wet weather emergency that transpired across the Wide Bay Region over the weekend.

Five local volunteers have rolled up their sleeves to help the crews of Biggenden, North Dallarnil and Mt Perry after 360mm of rain fell in parts of the region.

Dave Morton, first officer at Bungadoo Rural Fire Brigade, said crews had made themselves available to offer support wherever needed in the small townships.

“The damage is extensive to some properties with lost chicken coops and hundreds of chickens, damaged tanks, cars and sheds,” he said.

“One shop has lost its back wall.

“We have been doing a lot of cleanup work and hosing out several dwellings.”

Bungadoo wet weather
Local Rural Fire Brigade crews work to clear downed fences.

The local team have been working alongside North Dallarnil first officer Max Pearce who said the weather event was unprecedented.

“It's lucky no one has lost their lives,” he said.

“There was a house further north that was washed away, however the occupant is safe.

“People are in shock and we volunteers are doing what we can to remedy things for them and help get them back to some sort of normality.”

The clean up will be ongoing for many throughout the Wide Bay as floodwater begins to recede and roads start to open again.

A coordinated effort is continuing across Queensland Fire Emergency Services to ensure communities are provided with the best assistance available.

Wet weather rules to remember:

  • If it’s flooded, forget it.
  • Call Triple Zero (000) if your life is in danger.
  • Call the SES on 132 500 if you need temporary emergency assistance related to the severe weather. You can also download the SES Assistance QLD app.
Bungadoo wet weather
Plenty of damage was caused from rushing floodwater.