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Robotti set to revolutionise farming

Stephen Dummett, Scott Hansen, Jens Johnson and Cyril Delorme demonstrating Robotti for farmers.

Twenty years after research and development began, Robotti has been introduced to regional Queensland.

Corematic Engineering and Formatt Machinery worked with Denmark-based Agrotelli to develop, import and debut this innovative agriculture robot in Bundaberg.

Corematic’s Bundaberg-raised engineering director Scott Hansen said Robotti was designed to create more competitive and sustainable ag-tech practices.

“We believe that the system will bring a number of benefits to the ag-tech industry, primarily being able to work 24/7 and fully autonomously,” Scott said.

“By incorporating a unique three-point linkage system, it can be used for seeding, weeding, spraying, mowing and slashing, as well as a number of other time consuming, repetitive jobs.

“Modern day technology is extremely important in farming. It's something that our farmers must be a part of.

“The rest of the world is moving with that. So, if we want to continue to be competitive in the world market, we have to introduce new technologies to make things easier, more effective or more efficient.”

Robotti features GPS mapping technology enabling it to follow pre-programmed routes at speeds around 5km/h, powered by two biofuel engines.

“We believe it's important to introduce Australia and Australian farming to as many innovative and helpful, useful technologies as possible.

“In the next five to 10 years, we're going to see massive growth, particularly in the farming industry, around autonomy and around intelligent solutions.”

Robotti will allow farmers to spend more time on complex tasks while maintaining consistency in the field, Scott said.

Corematic has a reputation for being involved in cutting edge farming solutions, having also designed a next-generation macadamia harvester.

“We always just keep a lookout for innovative solutions or integrated equipment.”

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