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Fire hydrant program tests performance for emergencies

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Contractors will perform fire hydrant testing which may briefly interrupt water supply with low water pressure and/or discolouration.

A Fire Hydrant Inspection and Testing Program will soon be underway across eleven Bundaberg Region suburbs to ensure functionality and water flow performance for SES and firefighting activities.

Bundaberg Regional Council will be undertaking the program which may result in water interruptions for about 5000 homes over a three month period.

Leaktech Australia has been engaged to complete the works which will commence in April 2022 and be completed in June 2022.

The work will include assessing the condition of fire hydrants and conducting testing.

The contractors will perform hydrant testing which may briefly interrupt water supply resulting in low water pressure and/or discolouration.

During and after Fire Hydrant Inspection and Testing:

• The water quality may not be of the usual standard and in some instances the water may appear discoloured, however, the water is safe for use.

• Council advises that you check the water prior to use. If it appears discoloured, please do not wash clothes at this time to prevent staining from any discoloured water. Turn on the nearest external tap to the meter and let it run for a period of time, or until it runs clear and then do the same to the furthest tap from the meter, to clean your pipework.

• If the water remains discoloured after some time, please contact Council’s Call Centre on 1300 883 699 to report the fault.

Where required, works will be undertaken using traffic control which may require the closure of sections of the footpath or road shoulder.

Council is aware of the inconvenience maintenance work causes and thanks businesses, residents and road users in advance for their patience and cooperation.

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