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Unique events make for plenty of fun at Childers Show

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The Isis Cricket Club were the winners of the 2019 egg-throwing competition at the Childers Show. Photo: Childers Show

Eggs will be flying at this year's Childers Show as participants vie for the title of egg-throwing-competition record holder.

The event is part of a range of unique activities hosted by the Childers Show Society and President Chloe Johnson said this Saturday was the perfect time for a new person to be crowned the winner.

“Egg throwing has had a place at the show for many years, dating back to the early 1970s when the local Childers Sports and Carnival Committee ran an equestrian competition as a lead up to show season,” she said.

“While many of the events focused on equestrian, there were also novelty competitions to encourage community participation, including the egg-throwing contest.

“The record distance of 46.13 metres was set by the Isis Rugby League team in 1978.”

Chloe said the last Childers Sports and Carnival was in 1993 which also marked the last time the egg-throwing competition was held.

The Childers Show Committee brought the event back for the 2019 show with the Isis Cricket Club team winning the event.

To this day, no one has beaten the 1978 record.

The egg-throwing competition will be held at 4.30 pm on Saturday at the Childers Show.

Luck needed in unique Moo Poo Doo fundraiser at Childers Show

For those with a bit of luck on their side, Chloe said The Moo Poo Doo was the perfect fundraising event to get involved in on Saturday.

The activity is a joint fundraiser between Isis District State High School and the Childers Show Society and involves a cow, a grid and plenty of guesswork.

“A Moo Poo Doo is where a moo does a poo in a sectioned off area (a doo) that has been divided into a grid,” Chloe said.

“The grid will be drawn up of 50 cm squares with each square is being sold for $10 and has been allocated a number 1 to 100.

“The four sides (W, X, Y, Z) of the doo have a 65cm border, these borders have a price of $25 per side.

“You have the choice to pick your favourite number to buy a ticket and if the moo does a Poo on your numbered square you will win $100.

“We have second prize of $75 and third of $25 in case our Moo covers numerous squares when the time comes.”

Isis State High School's agricultural team will be providing the ‘moo' and funds raised will be divided between both parties after the winnings have been paid to the lucky winners.

The proceeds will go back to the Cattle Show Team at Isis High into the competition budget which will contribute towards adding shows to the current circuit and reducing show costs for students.

Tickets for the fundraiser will be sold on show day by our rural ambassadors and show girls.

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