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Survey identifies top five dog off leash sites

top five dog off leash
A total of 620 survey results were received as residents outlined their preferred locations for a new fenced dog off leash park

The community has had its say on future fenced dog off leash park locations which has led to five areas across the region being identified as priority sites.

A total of 620 survey results were received as community members shared their views on proposed locations.

The top five dog off leash locations were:

• Moore Park Beach – Lions Park
• Burnett Heads – Jack Strathdee Memorial Park
• Gin Gin – Dear Street Park
• Avoca Millbank – Avoca Place Park
• Childers – three possible sites are being investigated

Bundaberg Regional Council Health, Compliance and Enforcement portfolio spokesperson Cr May Mitchell said Council did not yet have a priority order for the construction of the fenced dog off leash sites in the identified areas.

“These locations will be the next five dog off leash areas to be constructed however we won’t know the timeframe and order of construction until the procurement process has been finalised,” Cr Mitchell said.

“It was fantastic to see the high level of participation from the community which reiterated that these facilities are much desired by dog owners.

“Due to the range of suitable locations within Childers, a follow up survey will gauge community opinion on three possible sites.

“Residents who wish to provide further feedback on the other identified locations can also do so by heading to the project page.”

Identified dog off leash locations:

Moore Park Beach – Lions Park

Central location and existing car parking
Plenty of shade, water, grass cover and a very flat site
Existing shelter and seating (outside of dog park perimeter)
A dog park was suggested in the Lions Park master planning process
Vegetation buffer and roadway between proposed dog park and houses

Burnett Heads – Jack Strathdee Memorial Park

Integrates with existing car parking, playground and toilets
Plenty of shade, water and some grass cover
Existing shelter & seating (outside of dog park perimeter)
Established trees providing natural shade for dogs
Esplanade footpath adjacent to park used by dog owners

Gin Gin – Dear Street Park
Existing car parking adjacent dog park
Good shade and grass cover
Existing shelter & seating (outside of dog park)
Additional benches to be provided at dog park

Avoca/Millbank – Avoca Place Park

Existing sealed car parking
On a main road so highly visible
Established trees providing extensive natural shade
People walk dogs on opposite footpath on Avoca Street

Childers (three possible sites for further community feedback)

Childers site 1: Apple Tree Creek Community Park

This is the largest site and is a very well used park
This site would be suitable for locals and travellers
There is ample parking, toilets and a playground
Five minutes north of Childers

Childers site 2: Land Adjacent the tennis courts in North Street

This is the smallest but most central site to town
Near the Men’s Shed – next to the tennis courts
Very shady, existing street parking is available

Childers site 3: Heritage Park (Pioneer Ave)

Large shade tree and water available
Parking for 4-5 cars (will need bollards)
May be harder for travellers to find this site
Natural mound for dogs to run up and down
Existing shelter and seating (outside of dog park perimeter)

Get more information and complete the surveys about any of the top five dog off leash sites here.



  1. You still do not get it. Why does it have to be a fenced compound?
    People want to walk with their dogs but not in a prison exercise yard.
    Open up some of the beaches like Coolum even Hervey Bay is more dog friendly

  2. What about Bargara/Innes Park. We what Off Lease areas too, and thank you Mike J, I agree with you completely.

  3. Woodgate Beach was hoping for a section of the community oval to be fenced for dog use, especially with an increasing number of dogs in the town & the fact some older dog owners can’t walk on the sand in the off-leash areas for fear of falling over.

  4. I agree Mike. Is there anywhere you can actually swim with your dog and let them run. Really run. We used to go to Wallaroo in SA. Great place. Dogs welcome everywhere. Does the Council think dog owners are not ratepayers Some folk aren’t fussed on kids, but hey.

  5. I took my dogs to a few dog parks in the Bundaberg area a couple of years ago. My dogs loved running around and making new friends, but I spent most of my time picking up dog poo left behind by irresponsible owners, even though the council provided poo bags and bins. The constant mess put me off going any more. If we dog owners want off-leash parks, we need to take responsibility for looking after the ones we’ve got. Has the standard improved?

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