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Abigail chasing dreams in Spark Starter program

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Abigail Williams is taking part in the Spark Starter program, hoping to grow as a musician.

With a love for music, Abigail Williams applied to Bundaberg Regional Council’s Spark Starter initiative to grow as both a singer and musician.

The all-new program gives local talent the opportunity to work with project coordinators to showcase their performance talents, network with likeminded people, attend free workshops with professionals, work within the industry and fast track their careers.

Abigail said she was looking forward to taking the opportunities presented to her with both hands to help her achieve her goal of one day writing her own music.

“I applied for the program because I love everything about music and when I read about this project, I thought it would be a great opportunity for me to grow and improve as a singer, musician and songwriter,” Abigail said.

“I am looking forward to all the different performance and learning opportunities.

“I would like to be involved in song-writing workshops as that is my interest and my goal to write and perform all my own music.”

Working with several other local artists, Abigail said she was looking forward to continuing to learn from those around her.

“I am really looking forward to being part of such an awesome event with so many talented artists and performers,” she said.

“I think this program is an excellent opportunity for everyone involved to learn and grow and for the community to see what talented young people they have and to support them.

“Bundaberg Regional Council are awesome for encouraging and supporting young musicians like myself.”

With the support of her family behind her, Abigail started singing lessons at nine years old, also learning a range of musical instruments.

“I have always loved to sing, and my mum encouraged me by starting me with a weekly singing lesson with Jo Carr when I was nine years old and Jo gave me opportunities to sing on stage at different events,” she said.

“I have recently turned 15 and I sing and accompany myself on the guitar, mandolin and ukulele.

“I am also working on writing my own songs and ultimately this is what I want to do, produce all my own music.

“My Dad is a gifted musician and has always been there to help me when I need technical music help.”

Aiming to develop her confidence as both a person and a musician, Abigail said she was excited to perform and use her music to tell her story.

“I am a shy person when it comes to dealing with people, but music allows me an outlet to come out of my shell and express myself,” she said.

“This is why most of the songs I choose to sing are ones that tell a story that people may be able to relate to and feel certain emotions about.

“Singing and playing my guitar is what makes me happy, and I hope that people listening to me feel moved by my performances and would like to hear more.”

The Spark Starter project is supported by the Queensland Government through Arts Queensland.

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