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Solita and Turbo celebrated in worldwide event

Solita and Turbo
The cotton-top tamarin monkeys enjoy frozen fruit on a hot day.

Mum-and-daughter duo Solita and Turbo will be celebrated at Alexandra Park Zoo this month for Day of the Cotton-top Tamarin.

The annual event by Proyecto Titi is recognised worldwide and aims to support the conservation efforts of this endangered species.

Cotton-top tamarins are native to Columbia and are one of the most endangered primates in the world due to deforestation of their tropical habitat.

Solita and daughter Turbo were introduced to Alexandra Park Zoo in 2015, coming from Perth Zoo after many years of involvement in the global species breeding program.

Throughout her life Solita has greatly contributed to the conservation of her species, giving birth to 24 offspring.

Recently celebrating her 24th birthday, she is also the oldest-living cotton-top tamarin in Australasia.

To celebrate Day of the Cotton-top Tamarin, Alexandra Park Zoo staff will host talks to provide visitors with plenty of information about Solita and Turbo.

The free zookeepers discussion and live feeding will be held on Sunday 14 and Wednesday 17 August at 10.30 am.

There will also be interesting facts about cotton-top tamarins placed throughout the zoo.

The zookeeper's talk is free and no registration is required.

Find out more about Alexandra Park Zoo here.

Day of the Cotton-top tamarin is on Monday 15 August, please note the zoo is closed on a Monday and Tuesday.

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