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Child care centre approved for Walkervale

Walkervale child care
A new child care has been approved for development in Walkervale.

A new child care centre capable of providing its service for up to 110 children has just been approved for development in Walkervale.

The development, by applicant Rosalind Corp Pty Ltd, will be situated on vacant land at 60 Walker Street.

According to the proposal the child care centre will provide long-day care for up to 110 places and provide employment for 19 full time carers.

The centre will accommodate children ranging in age, from babies to 4+year olds, within seven separate internal rooms.

“Each room is provided with direct access to an outdoor play area which is integrated into the building design,” the application states.

“The play spaces are fenced on all sides with acoustic fencing provided adjacent to neighbouring residential properties in accordance with the recommendations of the acoustic report.”

Walkervale child care
A new child care has been approved for development in Walkervale.

The centre's development plans include engaging play areas, generous shade and a Hampton-style building design.

A large outdoor deck area for free play has also been incorporated in the plans and will be designed with noise reduction in mind.

This includes plans for a two-metre-high acoustic fence on all boundaries of the outdoor play area, as well attenuation measures to the building to meets acoustic requirements for the rooms of the centre.

The child care centre will incorporate the following:

• Two large outdoor play areas

• Seven separate internal rooms

• A total of 30 car parking spaces onsite

• Landscaping at the front of the site to ensure the development maintains the residential amenity to the existing residential properties within Lamb Street

• Landscaped buffers provided to all boundaries

Once constructed the centre will operate between 6.30 am and 6. 30pm, Monday to Friday.

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