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Who’s Who in the Zoo: Crunchy the Quoll

Crunchy quoll birthday
Crunchy the spotted-tailed quoll who calls Alexandra Park Zoo home.

Alexandra Park Zoo’s resident Spotted–tailed Quoll, Crunchy, came to the zoo as a juvenile in April 2019 from Devils @ Cradle, a wildlife conservation facility in Tasmania.

Populations of these tree climbing marsupials have been dramatically affected due to land clearing and they are now endangered.

You will find Crunchy’s enclosure filled with large branches, hollow logs, tree ferns, a pond and a misting system to keep him cool in the warmer months.

You can find the Quoll next to the Cotton-top Tamarins.

Find out more about Crunchy the quoll here.

*Please do not bring your pets into Alexandra Park Zoo for the health and safety of the zoo animals. Guide/Assistance dogs with proof are welcome.

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