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How to: safely dispose of batteries

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Bundaberg Regional Council offers a battery recovery program to help residents safely dispose of batteries.

Did you know Bundaberg Regional Council offers a safe way to dispose of batteries through its battery recovery program?

All batteries including alkaline, Li-ion, nickel metal hydride and nickel cadmium are accepted free for disposal throughout the region.

For safety reasons it is recommended to either tape the ends or bag your batteries to reduce contact with other batteries – this will help to reduce the risks of fires in collection trucks and waste facilities.


Battery collection boxes are located throughout the region – you can drop your batteries at the below locations:

  • All local waste facilities
  • BRC Service Centres (Bundaberg, Bargara, Gin Gin, Childers)
  • Bundaberg Library

Join the program to safely dispose of batteries: 

If your school or workplace is interested in battery recycling, Council is providing a free battery box offer for a limited time – to participate contact: wasteandrecycling@bundaberg.qld.gov.au

Find out more about the battery recovery program here.

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