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Two decades of delights for Nana’s Pantry

Nana's Pantry 20th anniversary Leisa Storey
Darryl and Leisa Storey having been serving the community since 2003 and they are proud to celebrate the 20th anniversary of Nana's Pantry.

Fond childhood memories inspired Leisa Storey's business Nana's Pantry which is celebrating its 20th anniversary this month.

Established on 10 March 2003 by Leisa and her husband Darryl, Nana’s Pantry is a local, family-owned business which continues to provide the community with a unique mix of healthy options and indulgent treats, including delicious gelato.

Named in honour of grandmothers from both sides of the family, Nana Edna and Nana Shirley, Darryl and Leisa continue to share the joy of food passed down through the generations with their customers.

“We wanted to create a unique store that reminded people of homemade treats and goodness,” Leisa said.

“For me walking into my Nana's house was just a joy, the smells coming from the kitchen were always delightful and homely. 

“Food was just one way to show love. 

“My Nana could make the most decadent foods out of the simplest ingredients, and that is what I wanted to bring to Bundaberg.

“A place to get all the ingredients to make those delicious treats for your family.”

Gelato a favourite at Nana's Pantry

For 20 years Nana's Pantry has grown into a household name in the Bundaberg community, with what started as a one-man store with Darryl running the business to now operating two bustling stores – the second in Hervey Bay – and more than 30 staff.

“We have had three moves in our 20 years, Woongarra Street, Barolin Street and currently Electra Street,” Leisa said.

“On our move to Electra Street we introduced Bundaberg to gelato.

Nana's Pantry 20th anniversary Leisa Storey
Nana's Pantry has a proud 20 year history in Bundaberg

“We make the gelato onsite daily from the finest ingredients, using the best Italian equipment and techniques, we use local milk and cream and where possible local ingredients.”

Darryl said Nana’s Pantry originally opened as a bulk food store, but after the couple visited a food fair and stumbled across gelato, they knew they had to share it with their hometown.

“We originally had a store with bulk wholefoods, and we ran out of space and when we saw this building become available and it was a lot bigger, we knew we could expand,” he said.

“We’d been to a food fair and tried gelato for ourselves for the first time and we were blown away by how good it was and knew we had to share it with the community.

“We were the first ones to do gelato in Bundaberg and we do it all onsite.

“We supply a number of local businesses with gelato, including Macadamias Australia, Water Street and even a big gelato shop up in 1770.”

Darryl said they had always focused on quality over quantity.

Leisa agreed saying they were proud of their staff and the service they offered.

Nana's Pantry 20th anniversary Leisa Storey
Nana's Pantry has just always been there for Lachlan Storey, who was born three years after his parents Leisa and Darryl established the bulk food store in Bundaberg. This year the local business celebrated its 20th anniversary.

“I think Nana's supplies a unique mix of naughty and healthy and we have the largest variety of wholefood products in Bundaberg,” Leisa said.

“We pride ourselves on great customer service and the best quality and grades of foods and products.

“Plus, you can buy as little or much as you like of most products.

“We do want to thank all our amazing customers for their support over the last two decades.”



  1. Great shop, fabulous service, moved to Bundaberg 2004, been a customer ever since. Followed you around the three sites as you expand. Long may it continue.

  2. Love this shop, every ingredient that I need for one off bakes/cooks. Can get that required amount without having a whole packet of something leftover and eventually wasted

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