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Who’s who in the zoo: coastal carpet pythons

coastal carpet pythons
Alexandra Park Zoo is home to a few coastal carpet pythons.

Alexandra Park Zoo is home to a number of slithering species, including a couple of carpet pythons who love to soak up the warmer weather.

One of the widest and most commonly distributed python species in Australia, coastal carpet pythons (Morelia spilota mcdowell) can grow up to three metres and live to more than 30 years.

These powerful snakes are non-venomous but use their 80 backward facing teeth to catch possums, birds and snakes and then constrict them before consuming.

These reptiles spend their day finding warm or cool areas as, unlike mammals, they need the environment to control their body temperature.

It is at night when they are most active.

At Alexandra Park Zoo you can find a pair of carpet snakes on display.

The male and female duo are eight years old and have produced healthy young.

Two of these younger snakes can be seen some days at Alexandra Park Zoo when keepers rove the grounds to give them some sunlight and a change of scenery.

Did you know?

Snakes play an important role in the ecosystem providing an environmentally friendly natural pest control service keeping rodent populations in check.

More on the home of the coastal carpet python, Alexandra Park Zoo

Alexandra Park Zoo was established in 1911 and is one of Queensland’s oldest continuously running zoological facilities.

It is fully accredited with the Zoo and Aquarium Association Australasia (ZAA) providing positive welfare conditions and operating to high standards.

Find out more about the carpet pythons and the rest of the zoo animals here.

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