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New concept for Barolin Street toilet

Barolin St toilet block
An artist impression of a new concept design for the Barolin Street toilet block.

A new concept has been designed for the Barolin Street toilet block upgrade proposing to retain its historic façade while improving disability access and adding baby change facilities.

Located on Barolin Street between the post office and Bundaberg Regional Art Gallery, maintaining the historic charm of the building is a key consideration of the concept designs.

The community can now view the concept and provide feedback on the proposed upgrade and surrounding park features.

Bundaberg Regional Council has identified a need to upgrade the Barolin Street toilet block in Post Office Park to ensure it meets acceptable, modern accessibility, construction and safety standards.

The old-fashioned configuration of the existing building encourages anti-social behaviour, is no longer considered safe for community use and does not meet the standards for access and safety.

The new concept has been released following community feedback received about the initial design which was released in 2022.

Barolin St toilet block
An artist impression of a new concept design for the Barolin Street toilet block.

Design features of proposed Barolin Street toilet upgrade

Design concepts for the new facility show how the historic toilet block’s façade will be retained.

Disability access ramps with handrails would be introduced on each side.

The new toilet facility would have four unisex cubicles, including two which would be ambulant compliant and two which would be Persons With Disability (PWD) compliant.

A baby change facility would be incorporated into the facility.

General park upgrades as part of this project would include the removal of the existing concrete pathways to Post Office Lane.

New wider pathways will be constructed to allow for ease of access from Post Office Lane to the Art Gallery and Barolin Street to the toilet block.

The existing trees within the park area would remain and be protected during construction.

Barolin St toilet block
An artist impression of a new concept design for the Barolin Street toilet block.

How to provide your feedback

More information, including artist impressions of the new Barolin Street toilet block concept, are available on the project page here.

Residents will be able to provide feedback on the proposed design via a survey on the project page.

Anyone who does not have access to the website can view the proposed concept and provide their feedback at any Council service centre.



  1. i can recall having to pay with a coin. lots of old people would recall that. i use the facility still. i feel safe. Anti-social, do you mean the homeless people, then spell it out. or is there some discriminatory practice being carried out. the possum, does he really care?

  2. Please please don’t have unisex toilets. They usually end up dirtier than having separate male and female toilets. I also believe most people prefer separate toilets etc.

  3. The design should be for 2 male and 2 female toilets. This includes 1 male and 1 female ambulant toilet.
    Plus one provided for those with disabilities and to have easy wheelchair access.
    The move to unisex toilets is not necessary for this site.

  4. Wow, that is fantastic.

    Badly needed in Bundaberg as the other toilets in the area are also in need of an update. Especially the one where the piano is located on the main street. They are disgraceful and they stink.

  5. As the building in on the ground level already, why a ramp. I have taken my grandparents & kids to these, and on a number of occasions we have had to wait.

  6. Good call to keep the changes minimal to reduce costs. Keeping the stronger existing building instead of smashing it & rebuilding out of weaker materials means it should last longer as well.

  7. Very happy for the change to unisex toilets and appreciate the focus on accessibility for those with disability. The attention to inclusivity is definitely recognised – and like others have said, some of these old toilets really need a makeover.

  8. Definitely not unisex. Women with young children do not need to share with men they do not know.

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