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New technology introduced in Gin Gin

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New technology is giving greater reliability to internet connectivity at Council facilities including the Gin Gin Community Hub and remote waste and water sites.

Staff and customers visiting the Gin Gin Community Hub are now able to enjoy faster and more reliable internet access thanks to new technology.

With assistance from the Queensland Government, and through the use of a Starlink LEO (Low Earth Orbit) satellite service, a Starlink service has been installed.

Starlink operates through a network of low-Earth orbit (LEO) satellites that bounce signals from equipment back to ground stations on Earth, completing a broadband connection.

Because Starlink satellites are closer to the Earth than other satellite services, signals should take less time to reach them, meaning a faster connection.

The technology has only been available on the eastern coast of Australia since last year but has already been utilised by Bundaberg Regional Council across a number of facilities.

Organisational Services portfolio spokesperson Cr Steve Cooper said Council integrated the technology in April 2022, just four weeks after it was accessible.

“Council's IT department were quick to pick up this new form of technology and prepare plans to utilise it across the region last year,” he said.

“It is especially helpful for our facilities in outlying areas, including our waste and water sites, where it has been challenging to get reliable connectivity. 

“The Starlink solutions have reduced the risk of this network failure, particularly during storm season, and also eliminates the high cost and logistical challenges of previous connectivity solutions.”

Cr Cooper said the technology was being utilised at the Gin Gin Community Hub and other areas.

“The South Kolan Waste Facility and Gregory Treatment Plant have also integrated the Starlink technology, enabling reliable data transfer to Council’s administration centre for processing,” he said.

Find out more about Starlink here.

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