The Deli Airport Café sees employment soar

The Deli Airport Cafe
The expansion of The Deli to Bundaberg Regional Airport has provided 15 new jobs. Pictured: Ashton Matthews, Jess Heywood, Kelly Manufekai and Hayley Anderson

A local restaurant has expanded to open The Deli Airport Café, serving the region’s travellers and offering more employment opportunities for people with disabilities.

The Deli, established on Targo Street in the Bundaberg CBD, successfully applied for the Bundaberg Regional Council tender to operate from the café space at Bundaberg Regional Airport.

The Deli Airport Café managers Hayley Anderson and Ashton Matthews said winning the tender had given them the opportunity to expand their business.

“We have hired 15 new staff, so it's a big opportunity for people of Bundaberg to have a job,” Hayley said.

“We've got four people with disabilities out here as well.”

She said providing work for people with disabilities was a driving force for the pair.

“They are a person and they work just as hard, if not harder than anyone else,” Hayley said.

“People need to know that they are valued, they are a good worker.

“Working with people with disabilities, that's what we love.

“I know for me it fills a hole in my heart, you know, knowing that I've helped someone.”

“Everyone deserves a chance,” Ashton added.

“And it opens people up to [seeing more] people with disabilities at the front line working.”

The Deli Airport Café is open 365 days of the year serving coffee and a range of food from pies, sausage rolls and croissants to toasties, salads and fruit salads.

Hayley said many of the offerings had a unique twist.

“We strive to be different from other people.”

A number of local food and drinks feature on the menu with plans to introduce more.

The Deli Airport Café opened in late November last year and Hayley said, so far, they had received a warm welcome from locals and travellers.

“You hear them walk in and go ‘oh my god it's actually open and it's different’.

“You can see the happiness here and the food presentation.

“It's good to hear, they're thankful that we're here.”

The Deli Airport Cafe
Kelly Manufekai and Jess Heywood serving up delicious food and drink options at The Deli Airport Cafe

Ashton said he hoped the community would show its support.

“With the keen support of the local people … it can give us a chance to expand to … more businesses, more employment for people with a disabilities.”

The Deli Airport Café is located within the Bundaberg Regional Airport on Airport Drive, Bundaberg.

The Deli Airport Café open hours:

Monday to Friday: 5.30 am to 6 pm
Saturday: 5.30 am to 2 pm
Sundays and public holidays: 8.30 am to 11 am and 2 pm to 5 pm