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RADF helps film students get red carpet ready

Noosa Film Academy will be running student film-making workshops, like this one at Shalom College, thanks to a RADF grant.

Noosa Film Academy will be returning to Bundaberg to run student workshops with Oscar-winning cinematographer Greg Huglin thanks to a Regional Arts Development Fund (RADF) grant.

The workshops will focus on youth acting for screen and screen production and will be followed by a red-carpet community screening event at the Moncrieff Entertainment Centre on Sunday 11 June.

Greg and his wife, producer Andrea Huglin, founded the Noosa Film Academy after Greg was granted a Distinguished Talent visa to immigrate to Australia and wanted to give back to his new home in Queensland.

Since then, they have delivered over 350 one day workshops and 40 red carpet community screening events state-wide, including one in Bundaberg in 2021.

“With a social justice premise, the one day programs focus on engaging and immersing regional, remote and disadvantaged youth in a kinetic work experience activity to increase their knowledge across the art forms required in creative screen production,” Andrea said.

“Holistically, the program takes youth and their educators through the process of digital storytelling from initial concept to red-carpet premier.” 

The one day workshops give local students the chance to use expert equipment to create their own short films.

Thanks to their successful application for a RADF grant, Noosa Film Academy will now give 150 more Bundaberg students the opportunity to work as film crew to produce their own short films in one day.

“RADF funding has been pivotal in helping bring these fun and engaging industry immersions to regional Queensland,” Andrea said.

“Greg Huglin provides over $150,000 worth of industry level 6K ultra high definition cameras, audio, editing, projection and live streaming technologies.” 

The workshops will be delivered at several local high schools to build skills in acting, script writing, story boarding, screen production and editing.

“[Our] one day workshops emulate an on-set location shoot to build digital literacy, 21st century skills and develop youth employment ethos and work ethic,” Andrea said, adding that they aimed to highlight digitally creative occupations and emulate industry processes.

“This competency-based training engages youth participants kinetically with industry level equipment as the production crew and provides career and tertiary pathway advice.”

The subsequent red-carpet event will screen the films created in the workshops alongside Ocean’s 50, a motivational career movie montage of Greg’s work.

The event will take place at the Moncrieff on Sunday 11 June at 1 pm and there will be no charge for tickets to maximise inclusivity and accessibility for the community.

RADF is a partnership between the Queensland Government and Bundaberg Regional Council to support local arts and culture in regional Queensland.

For more information about the RADF, click here.

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