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How to: 4WD and protect environment

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4WD beach activity is restricted to two beaches in the Bundaberg Region and it is important to use only designated 4WD access points.

Driving on the beach is a popular activity in Queensland but due to the fragile nature of the coastline 4WD activity is restricted to two beaches in the Bundaberg Region.

Moore Park Beach has vehicle access at Royal Palms for vehicles travelling north towards the Kolan River and the southern vehicle entrance is via Lassig Street allowing south travel only.

A trial to restrict vehicle access to the Moore Park Beach shoreline during turtle season will be undertaken in the next nesting season following overwhelming community support.

Woodgate Beach vehicle access is from the southern-most beach, with vehicles only able to travel south towards the Burrum River.

Use only designated 4WD access points to the beach, keep off the sand dunes and drive on the hard sand between the low and high tide mark.

Simple guidelines for safe beach driving:

  • Observe all the laws and regulations relating to the use of vehicles on beaches
  • Stick to designated access tracks and do not drive or park on the dunes
  • Avoid driving at night, particularly during summer when marine turtles and hatchlings could be deterred or confused by headlights
  • Go slow, look out for and avoid disturbing wildlife such as exhausted migratory shorebirds, which may have arrived from as far as Northern China, Siberia or Alaska
  • If you come across sick or injured wildlife on the beach phone the Marine Strandings Hotline on 1300 130 372

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