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Brow Republic expands to Bundaberg

Owner Tamara Dowe at the new Brow Republic and Lash Bar at Hinkler Central.

A new salon at Hinkler Central is raising eyebrows in more ways than one as Brow Republic and Lash Bar officially opened it's doors last month.

Specialising in brow and lash treatments, Brow Republic is purpose-built to be a communal space where clients receive quality services at affordable prices.

The salon aims to give customers an experience rather than just a treatment, with complimentary touches like a treat plate, weighted blanket, phone charging station, jewellery cleaning station and hot towel on arrival.

The Bundaberg store is owner Tamara Dowe who has now opened a third branch of the salon, having started first in her hometown of Hervey Bay and then in Toowoomba.

“I wanted to go to regional towns because they don’t have these sorts of salons in shopping centres,” Tamara said.

“We marketed and advertised on social media and got a great response.

“So many people said Bundaberg needed this.”

Tamara initially started the salon after struggling to support her three sons as a single mother, one of whom has special needs.

“I started taking clients at home and doing brows from there,” she explained.

“But financially it was really difficult trying to support the boys so I approached Stockland in Hervey Bay and told them my idea for a beauty salon that was just niche, so not all the services, just brows and lashes.

“They liked me I guess and offered me a good deal, so I got started.”

She hasn’t stopped since then, with three branches opened and 26 people employed.

Tamara wanted to create a relaxing, communal space where customers would get an experience rather than just a treatment.

“We had a lot of clients coming down from Bundy to our Hervey Bay store so I knew there was a market for it,” Tamara said.

“When I came through and saw this space was vacant I thought it was the perfect size for us.

“I reached out to TAFE to see if there was anybody they could recommend that was really great at brows and lashes and they did, so I hired three girls from there.

“All my staff are local girls.”

Tamara said it was important to her to create a relaxing, communal space where customers could enjoy their treatments while in the company of others.

“When I was home with the kids it could feel very isolated, so I wanted to build my own community and bring women together,” she said.

“So instead of individual treatment rooms, we’ve got ladies sitting next to each other and even if they don’t know each other they can start a conversation.

“Anyone can come and feel really welcomed.”

For more information on Brow Republic and Lash Bar, visit the website here.