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Budget boost for parks and playgrounds

Bundaberg Regional Council Parks and Gardens portfolio spokesperson Cr Wayne Honor
Bundaberg Regional Council Parks and Gardens portfolio spokesperson Cr Wayne Honor.

The 2023-24 budget has set the stage for a transformative year for parks and playgrounds in the Bundaberg Region.

With a strong focus on community wellbeing and recreation, the budget allocates significant resources to upgrade parks and recreational spaces, providing residents with enhanced facilities and opportunities for active lifestyles.

Bundaberg Regional Council Parks and Gardens portfolio spokesperson Cr Wayne Honor said more than 20 recreational spaces would be upgraded in the new financial year, including the revitalisation of Banksia Park in Woodgate.

“The eagerly anticipated Banksia Park project will see the creation of a brand-new car park, improved pathways, inviting barbecues, conveniently located shelters, well-equipped picnic facilities and an engaging playground,” he said.

“The project aligns with a masterplan developed last year and will bring a range of exciting additions while meeting the evolving needs and desires of residents, ensuring a dynamic outdoor experience for individuals and families alike.

“This project in particular is a testament to our commitment to providing top-notch recreational areas for our community.”

New playgrounds will also be added to:

  • Domain Park
  • Laurisen Park
  • Charlotte Moorehead Park
  • Lathurous Court Park
  • Apple Tree Creek
  • Aquarius Drive Park
  • Bargara Views
  • Wallaville Park
  • Tantitha Park

Cr Honor said as part of this year’s budget Council would focus on creating comfortable and sun-safe playgrounds, with shade sail installation to continue throughout the new financial year.

“We understand the importance of shade in our tropical climate, especially for our young ones,” Cr Honor said.

“As part of an ongoing initiative, we will be installing shade sails at seven additional locations across the region, providing children with a cool and protected environment to play.”

The budget also includes plans to upgrade or replace six public toilet facilities, ensuring clean and modern amenities for park-goers.

“We are excited to witness the positive impact these investments will have on our community,” Cr Honor said.

“The budget reflects our vision for an active, vibrant and united Bundaberg, where residents can truly enjoy the great outdoors and an active lifestyle.”

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  1. Ridiculous, fix the roads and forget shade sails, children have already been taught to wear hat and sunscreen, they do not need overpriced shade sails.
    Vitimin D is essential for children and virus protection.

  2. ^what is Ridiculous is the roads are repaired over & over again start fining people who damage them doing burn outs. They do need shade sails. Sunscreen dose not work at all that is a fact not a myth. Sunscreen is nothing more then cheap moisturizer it comes out of the same batch.

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