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Celebrations kick off for defence academy

ADA celebrating 20 years Master Robert Ardito
Master Robert Ardito celebrating 20 years of Ardito Defence Academy.

Three-time Guinness World Record holder Master Robert Ardito will celebrate another career milestone when Ardito Defence Academy Bundaberg turns 20.

Commemorating two decades of teaching his students the Kung Fu way, Master Robert and members of the academy plan to open their martial arts school to the general public in October.

A meet and greet incorporating an informative tour will give insights into its history, with Master Robert sharing his martial arts journey.

“My personal journey with Kung Fu started in the 90s with a gentleman called Chris Fan who trained me in traditional Wing Chun Kung Fu,” he said.

Robert Ardito, Guinness World Record holder

Master Robert continued his intensive training with other Kung Fu Masters which led to him achieving three Guinness World Records for the Most Full Contact Punches In One Minute.

“I broke the Guinness World record three times appearing in both the Guinness Book of Records 2012 and the Australian Book of Records,” he said.

“I held the record from 2005 to 2019.”

Master Robert initially broke the record for the first time with 428 punches and then later with 702 punches before finally totalling 805 punches.

After many hours of teaching traditional Kung Fu to numerous private students, Master Robert then established the Ardito Defence Academy.

A.D.A. is a unique simple and practical self defence system, with a handful of principles created for students to defend themselves.

“Teaching daily, I knew that the students using traditional Kung Fu methods would struggle to defend themselves against new modern-day fighters trained in the popular MMA (Mixed Martial Arts),” he said.

ADA celebrating 20 years Master Robert Ardito
Master Robert Ardito celebrating 20 years of Ardito Defence Academy.

Master Robert designed A.D.A for men, women and children who would like to learn self-defence without relying on speed, strength or physical force.

“In the A.D.A system, tension creates weakness, softness equals strength and focus creates power,” he said.

The academy allows students to sharpen their reflexes, improve focus and increase confidence in a safe, welcoming environment.

Located at 88 George Street, the A.D.A. Bundaberg head office has been the heart and support for all the A.D.A. schools, teaching hundreds of students over the last two decades.

The A.D.A. open day will be held between 11 am and 2 pm on Saturday 7 October.

Find out more about the group and how to attend on the Facebook page here.