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How to: enjoy free zookeeper talks these holidays

Cotton Top Tamarin
zookeeper talks
Turbo the Cotton Top Tamarin.

Bundaberg Regional Council’s Alexandra Park Zoo is offering free zookeeper talks these school holidays.

Zookeeper talks are a great way to see the zoo animals in action, watch them being fed or learn more about them.

Alexandra Park Zoo is home to Cotton-Top Tamarins, Red-tailed Black Cockatoos, a Spotted-tail Quoll and many other fascinating animals.

The program for the free zookeeper talks is available here.

During the Queensland school holidays, Alexandra Park Zoo is open to the public every day between 9.30 am and 4.30 pm.

The zoo is located at 29 Quay Street, Bundaberg, adjacent to the beautiful Alexandra Park which features a large children’s playground, covered barbeque area, picturesque rotunda, and fig tree garden.

Alexandra Park Zoo was established in 1911 and is one of Queensland’s oldest continuously operating zoo facilities.

Entry to the zoo is free. No pets allowed.

Please note, zookeeper talks are subject to change or cancellation. No booking required.

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