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Young talent gathers for Milbi’s 5 Under 25

Milbi 5 Under 25
Samantha Matthews, Elise Dorfler, Kelsi Bielefeld and Noah Foley get ready to showcase their artwork in the 5 Under 25 event as part of Milbi Festival's The Gathering.

The community is invited to dive into the world of young creatives at Milbi Festival’s 5 Under 25 event, showcasing some of the region’s most talented emerging artists.

The event is part of the The Gathering, a showcase of free arts programs and entertainment in the CBD marking the first weekend of the Milbi Festival.

Taking place in Gallery Park on Saturday 28 October between 10 am and 2.30 pm, visitors are welcome to participate in hands-on activities alongside five brilliant young artists as they showcase their diverse range of work.

Artists Elise Dorfler, Noah Foley, Kelsi Bielefeld, Samantha Matthews and Lili Jacobsen will each be immersed in their craft for a two-hour session, where the public can witness their creative processes, ask them questions and get inspired to create something themselves.

Meet the 5 under 25 artists

Elise Dorfler

Elise Dorfler utilises recycled materials to create fibre-based sculptures.

Visitors will be able to work alongside her to create jellyfish for an outdoor art installation.  

Elise said she felt privileged to have the opportunity to showcase her work and promote working with recycled material.

“I always reference the environment and the human impact on the environment in my work, that’s why I use recycled materials or found objects,” Elise said.

“I think it’s important to show that sometimes wasted materials can have a second life.

“Even if it’s not considered a traditional art practice, you can still make something out of it and it’s still your art.”

Noah Foley

Noah Foley is a digital artist who transfers his Procreate designs onto skateboards by hand.

Visitors will be able to design their own skateboard layout using templates and inspiration from Noah. 

He said it felt great to be included in the showcase as he had been drawing since he was a kid.

“We’ve got a lot of great artists [in Bundaberg] and a lot of great artworks as well,” Noah said.

“I see a lot of other people and younger guys that love drawing and they’re doing amazing things.

“It feels like breaking a barrier and getting out there so it’s great that I’m able to do that at Milbi Festival.”

Samantha Matthews

Samantha Matthews captures the essence of landscapes and urban environments on canvas.

Visitors will be challenged by her work to craft their own urban landscapes using a limited colour palette. 

Samantha said it was “a bit nerve wracking but also really cool” to be included in the 5 Under 25 event.

“I love art and I don’t really feel like there’s a whole lot of opportunities for artists in Bundy because we’re a small place but I think it’s important,” Samatha said.

“This gives all types of people exposure and shows that we can do something creative together and it can bring people together because it’s a community thing.

“I’ve been part of the Bundy Art Prize and now the Milbi Festival and it’s cool that that’s a thing we can do here now which feels so much more inclusive of artists.”

Kelsi Bielefeld

Kelsi Bielefeld is an acrylic and watercolour artist inspired by her part-time work as a florist.

Visitors can use her botanical works to inspire them to draw their own floral still life compositions. 

Kelsi said it made her happy to be recognised as part of the arts community and that more people would see her interpretation of floral work.

“Being around flowers all the time, obviously they’re beautiful but I think I morph and change them a bit into my own style,” Kelsi said.

“I want to get involved in the community more and it’s so great to meet other artists through the Milbi Festival.

“It brings people together and being part of that feels like a big community and that’s really fun.”

Lili Jacobsen

Lili Jacobsen shapes polymer clay into exquisite artworks, creates jewellery and owns her own local art business, Wattle Woman.

Visitors will be able to watch her unique art practice and be guided to create their own polymer clay badge. 

Lili said it was an honour to be recognised as part of the Milbi Festival which was a beautiful way to connect with nature and arts in our community.

“Just being around so many cool young people and their art practices is really deadly because art needs to be valued more for how it helps people’s wellbeing,” Lili said.

“As a young indigenous artist who has just opened her first studio, I really want our community to embrace arts and culture and I think Bundaberg could be a hotspot for creatives and community as the arts really develops a community.

“I would encourage all Bundaberg residents to get involved in these festivals and to promote the arts and give it a go because everyone has a creative spark in them.”

Milbi 5 Under 25

When: Saturday 28 October, 10 am – 2.30 pm

Where: Gallery Park, Barolin Street

Cost: Free

For the full Milbi Festival program, please click here.

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