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Maximise flavours, embrace Christmas leftovers

embrace Christmas leftovers
Re-purpose Christmas leftovers to not only reduce waste but enjoy an encore of indulgence!

As the twinkling lights fade and the echoes of carols subside, Boxing Day often leaves our homes abundant with Christmas culinary leftovers.

Instead of letting those delectable morsels go to waste in the fridge, re-purpose those leftovers to not only reduce waste but enjoy an encore of Christmas indulgence!

Here are a few ideas for a fresh twist on post-Christmas leftovers:

Turkey and vegetable pie:

Utilise leftover roast turkey (or any roast meat on hand) and vegetables to create a comforting Aussie classic.

Line a pie dish with pastry, layer in diced meat, mixed veggies, and a touch of leftover gravy, cover with another layer of pastry and bake until golden brown.

Ham and pineapple skewers:

Make the most of leftover ham by threading chunks onto skewers with pineapple pieces.

Grill or roast until caramelised, brushing with a glaze of pineapple juice, honey, and a dash of mustard.

BBQ sliders with festive slaw:

In a pan combine shredded pork or ham with BBQ sauce.

In a bowl, mix leftover coleslaw with mayonnaise, apple cider vinegar, honey, salt and pepper.

Cut remaining buns or dinner rolls in half and fill and build your tasty sliders.

Christmas pavlova trifle:

Crumble leftover pavlova into glasses, layer with whipped cream, fresh berries, and a drizzle of passionfruit for a delightful Aussie twist on a classic trifle.

Turning leftovers into culinary triumphs can not only delight the tastebuds, but also upholds sustainable practices by reducing food waste and resonates with the region’s commitment to reduce, reuse and recycle.

For more recycling options to get you through the festive season, download Council’s waste and recycling handy guide.



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