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Free tip days this weekend

Residents will be able to clean out their homes with free tip days at Council waste and recycling facilities across the region this weekend.

Free tip days kick off at all Bundaberg Regional Council waste facilities around the region this weekend making it the perfect time to clean up around the home and yard during storm season.

The free tip days apply to domestic waste only and include all Council waste and recycling facilities and transfer stations across the region during standard operating hours.

Waste facilities which are normally open on both Saturday and Sunday will have their two free tip days from Saturday 10 February to Sunday 11 February.

The free tip days for facilities with more limited open hours have been customised to ensure every resident in the region has convenient access over two days.

Free disposal applies to most domestic waste but does not include materials such as tyres, solar panels, mattresses, dead animals, asbestos and commercial or industrial waste.

Load limits apply with vehicles 4.0 tonnes GVM or greater excluded from the free tip days.

A maximum load limit of 500 kg also applies.

With the expected increase in traffic at waste facilities, delays may be experienced and Council’s recycled goods shops will be closed during the free tip days.

While all material is free to dispose of residents are reminded that it is still important to sort recyclable materials into relevant categories such as green waste, timber, steel, batteries, fridges, chemicals (less than 5L containers), cardboard, electronic waste and clean concrete to help extend the life of waste facilities.

Safety tips for waste facility trip

When visiting waste facilities residents should properly secure their loads, wear enclosed footwear and follow all signage and directions provided by staff to ensure their own safety and the safety of others.

Free tip day times

For more information about facility open hours and waste and recycling, head to Council’s website.

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