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Urgent Care Clinic now open on weekends

IWC CEO Wayne Mulvany at the Bundaberg Urgent Care Clinic which will be open over weekends from this month, providing bulkbilled services to all members of the community. Photo: Contributed

Community members will now have access to more medical services as the IWC has announced an extension of its Bundaberg Urgent Care Clinic (UCC) with the introduction of weekend opening hours this month.

The opening is the result of collaborative efforts between the region's medical professionals and the IWC, enabling provision of additional hours beyond regular GP business hours for residents in need of immediate, non-life-threatening medical support.

Bundaberg’s UCC focus is to provide accessible and culturally safe treatment for minor acute injuries and illnesses, addressing eligible situations where patients are unable to secure an appointment with their usual GP.

Bundaberg’s UCC Clinic Manager Tayla Lankowsi said they had hit the ground running in delivering a much-needed service for the region after opening their doors in November 2023.

“Thanks to the staff who have joined the UCC service and the support from everyone, we can now offer the community a seven day a week service,” Tayla said.

“While we're thrilled about this transition, our efforts to enhance our services are ongoing.

“We're actively recruiting for after-hours GP and RN positions as we strive towards achieving full operational hours, ensuring availability beyond standard business hours.”

Delivering urgent care for the region

IWC’s CEO Wayne Mulvany said Australia was facing a significant challenge in filling GP positions nationwide, particularly in rural areas where access to healthcare could be even more limited.

“At IWC, we understand our responsibility to both our GPs and patients in delivering a well-serviced Urgent Care Clinic for the region,” Wayne said.

“In response to this workforce shortage, our focus is on establishing a collective of local GPs with a shared vision of working together to deliver quality care to the community.

“Leveraging IWC’s model of care framework and developing this shared approach, we believe we will be able to create a more sustainable future within our industry.”

IWC urges community members to remember:

  • In emergency situations, always call triple zero (000) or visit the hospital, as Medicare Urgent Care Clinics are specifically designed for non-life-threatening issues.
  • Your regular GP remains your primary source for routine check-ups, managing chronic conditions, and addressing long-term healthcare needs.
  • It is crucial to consult with your GP on when to utilise each resource effectively.
  • Please note that all patients accessing Bundaberg’s UCC must have a current and valid Medicare card.

Bundaberg’s UCC Operating hours:

Monday to Friday: 8 am – 5 pm

Saturday and Sunday: 8 am – 6 pm

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  1. I know someone who went to one a few weeks ago and was told they had their quota and couldnt see them, They were already open and working, I know which one but not saying cos not my problem,,Just curious about that reply

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