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Bundy Beatz music school rocks into town

Bundy Beatz music school
Bundy Beatz owner Craig Walsh has brought his years of musical experience to his new business which offers instrumental and vocal coaching based in rock and country music.

Bundaberg's budding rock stars have a new place to fine tune their talent at new music school Bundy Beatz.

Based at 49 Bourboung Street, owner Craig Walsh has brought his years of experience in the music industry to the new business which offers lessons in variety of instruments and vocals from experienced teachers.

What is Bundy Beatz?

Bundy Beatz is a music school at its core but with a difference.

Bundy Beatz is based in rock and country music teaching drums, guitar and bass with extra offerings in keyboard/piano and vocals (in conjunction with Bundaberg Singing Lessons with Jo Carr), and all teachers are working musicians themselves.

We also offer performance coaching for new and experienced solo, duo or full band acts to improve their stage craft, train them in live sound mixing and pass on many tricks of the trade that will ultimately lead to more gigs.

We also offer a rehearsal room for hire (including drum kit and vocal PA equipment ) at very reasonable rates for those who don't have a place to rehearse.

Oh, and we sell second hand music gear, both in-stock and on consignment.

What benefits will this have for the local community?

For our students, we offer a different style of learning which is based in engagement, with individualised learning plans for each student to work best to their strengths and learning styles.

The rehearsal room will help those who can't practice at home due to noise issues by providing a viable and affordable option for them.

I have certainly dealt with these issues over my career and with a son that also became a professional drummer (i.e. two drummers in one house!) the value of having this resource is very close to my heart.

What is your experience in this industry?

I have been connected to the music industry in some way, shape or form for most of my life.

Bundaberg has been very good to me musically, playing with Mr. Q and The Electric Banana regularly for many years, as well as establishing This One Time At Band Camp and tongue-in-cheek KISS tribute band Black Diamond and many more in the last 15 years.

I have been fortunate enough to play drums for Phil Emmanuel and country artist Ben Ransom and have got to support great Aussie acts like The Hoodoo Gurus, Dragon, GANGgajang and more, and played festivals throughout Queensland, New South Wales and the ACT.

I have also enjoyed working in radio in Bundaberg extensively over the last 10 years, and still work as an announcer on Bundy's 93.1 Triple M.

I have also worked as a venue booker, most recently at The Club Hotel from 2016 to 2018 and Bundy Beatz currently hosts karaoke at The Metro Hotel every weekend.

Why did you decide to open the business in the Bundaberg Region?

Our wonderful region blew me away when I first moved here in 2008, especially the musical talent on offer.

Bundaberg punches well above its weight as far as musical talent goes.

Bundy Beatz hopes to help train the next big wave (and hopefully the ones after too!) so that legacy can continue for Bundaberg and the surrounding region.

Why is the Bundaberg Region the ideal place for this venture?

Bundaberg is perfect for almost anything except skiing.

Myself, my family and everyone who works at Bundy Beatz love this town.

For more information, visit the Bundy Beatz Facebook page here or contact them on 0467 002 584 or by emailing bundybeatz1234@gmail.com.

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