Childers celebrates Gaydon's building 125 years

The 125th anniversary of the historic Gaydon's building in Childers was celebrated today with descendants of the founder in attendance.

Terrible 1919 flu pandemic claimed Bundaberg lives

While flu season strikes again in the Bundaberg Region, 100 years ago the deadliest pandemic to ever hit Australia claimed thousands of lives.

Nurse Norma Mowbray honoured in Bundaberg

Former Bundaberg woman Norma Violet Mowbray today had her name added to the Bundaberg War Nurses Memorial 103 years after she died in Egypt.

Lest we forget: John Leask, Anglo Boer War

John Leask from Bundaberg joined the 3rd Queensland Mounted Infantry and died of wounds in August 1900 during the Anglo Boer War.

Meet World War II veteran Ula Agnew

RSL Queensland interviewed Bundaberg World War II veteran Ula Agnew, who served as a Lance Corporal in the Australian Women's Army Service.

When the Dutch in Bundaberg faced Communist threat

A little-known fragment of Bundaberg military history is that the Royal Netherlands East Indies Army Air Force had a presence in Bundaberg between June 1945 and April 1946.

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