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Second boy charged after zoo attack

Bundaberg Police have charged a 15-year-old boy with two counts of animal cruelty and trespassing after an emu was attacked at Alexandra Park Zoo.

Feral deer sighted in Barolin Nature Reserve

A local resident took to Facebook tonight to post photographic evidence of seeing a feral deer in the Barolin Nature Reserve.

Meet the vulnerable collared delma legless lizard

Meet the collared delma, one of only two lizards in the Bundaberg Region listed as vulnerable by the Federal Government.

7.1kg carpet python removed from Branyan home

A 7.1kg coastal carpet python made itself at home in a Branyan residence until it was removed by Kyle Hancock from Kavs Wildlife Services.

Melding ancient know-how with TECKnology for animal control

From snake relocation, livestock management and looking out for baby joeys, the team at TECKnology work with all sorts of animals each day in the Bundaberg Region.

VIDEO: Bluetongue lizard treated for missing limb

Sugarland Animal Hospital in Bundaberg recently treated a bluetongue lizard with a missing limb.

Childers meerkats – short in stature, big on appeal

Looking for a Sunday outing? Head over to Childers to see the cute trio of meerkats at Snakes Downunder.

Bundaberg kitten adoption day on 9 March

Looking for a furry friend to join the family? Up to 30 kittens will be for sale when Cat Connections HQ holds its Kitten Adoption Day.

Repeat offender Zorro prompts police pet safety tip

Police have reminded residents to keep their gates and fences secure so pets remain safe and don't roam the streets.

Animals get a voice through Sharyn's inspiring work

Ever since she can remember, Sharyn Banks has had a special affinity with animals.

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