Tree planting effort blooms

Tree planting in the Bundaberg Region
Bundaberg Regional Council coordinator of arboriculture Carl Moller (middle) with local Landcare volunteers Michael Gould and Sean Cooney at a recent tree planting project

More than 6000 trees are being planted throughout the Bundaberg Region to protect the environment and provide shade in parks and natural areas.

Tens of thousands of trees have been planted in the past three years.

Bundaberg Regional Council’s coordinator of arboriculture Carl Moller said Council was committed to preserving the region’s natural areas, parks and open spaces.

“Council recognises the important role trees play in our everyday life whether that be protecting the environment or enhancing our region’s enviable lifestyle,” Mr Moller said.

“Trees look good, provide shade and promote a sense of civic pride.”

Sometimes trees have to be removed because they are dead, dying or diseased or if they pose a threat to community safety.

Council removes about 50 trees per year.

Tree planting projects

1000 trees street planting project

  • This project will see 1000 trees planted along urban streets in the Bundaberg area
  • 440 trees have already been planted across 20 sites
  • This $200,000 project has been funded through the State Government Works for Queensland program

20 million trees project – Baldwin Swamp

  • Under this nation wide program funded by the Australian Government 6000 trees will be planted
  • Gidarjil Development Corporation has played an important role in this project by collecting seeds which were then grown by Gin Gin Landcare.
  • Local plants have also been sourced from Bundaberg Landcare. IMPACT Community Services assisted in planting the trees.
  • Last year 1000 trees were planted opposite East State Primary School with a 95 per cent success rate
  • A further 5000 trees will be planted above Council’s new pathway between FE Walker Street and Steindl Street

Dune revegetation program – Moore Park Beach

  • In order to protect dunes along the foreshore (north of the Moore Park Beach Surf Club) a revegetation project is being undertaken in stages following community consultation.
  • In Stage 3 of the project 600 coastal dune species will be planted to restore the coastal dune system and provide habitat and improve future shoreline stability.
  • Earlier stages of the project are already considered a success with natural regeneration occurring with Casuarinas and Pandanus.

Rifle Range Beach

  • Bundaberg Regional Council has committed 200 plants to the Friends of Rifle Range community group.
  • The plants will contribute to an ongoing project at Rifle Range Creek involving restoration of the creek bank and weed removal.
  • The community group has successfully removed extensive thickets of weeds along the creek bank and will plant the trees as time and weather permits.

Reforestation Project at Barolin Nature Reserve Park

  • Council and Greenfleet launched a partnership in 2016 which saw 90,000 trees planted in the Barolin Nature Reserve.
  • Greenfleet requires a 100 per cent success rate and will continue to monitor the saplings until 2021 to ensure their survival.