Baldwin Creek drain gets modern makeover

baldwin creek drain
Mayor Jack Dempsey says sections of the Baldwin Creek drain have been given a new concrete surface.

Reinforced concrete has replaced hand-laid stone in sections of the Baldwin Creek drain in a project that has been welcomed by nearby residents.

Over two stages 380 m of the drain was identified for priority upgrade with the area becoming difficult to maintain due to the condition of the existing infrastructure.

Considering the outdated technique used to build the drain, Council’s roads and drainage spokesperson Cr Bill Trevor said it was estimated to be about 50 years old.

“Staff identified that the drain was in need of rehabilitation works and this particular section was prioritised where, in parts, it had completely fallen apart,” Cr Trevor said.

“The original infrastructure featured hand placed rocks that had been grouted in to place.

“The upgraded drain modernises this infrastructure which makes it easier to maintain but also, as an open channel drain, it lifts the aesthetics of it as well.”

He said the job was undertaken in cooperation with local residents with about 60% of the work needing to be undertaken on private property.

“Property owners were very accommodating to allow Council written permission to access private land to undertake this work and we thank them all for their cooperation and patience.”

Nearby resident Carol Surmon welcomed the upgrade and said Council staff had been a pleasure to deal with.

She said the Baldwin Creek drain was all broken previously and water would lay in it.

“They were very efficient, friendly and they even took in to consideration each property,” Carol said.

“So on our side they actually extended a little bit higher so that it married up with our lower strip under our fence because there was a gap.

“When the drain used to fill up it would undermine that gap.

“That’s something we really appreciate.”