Edwina set sights high for successful career in law


Special feature: International Women's Day

Edwina Rowan is a solicitor and partner at Charltons Lawyers in Bundaberg.

At just 35 years old, solicitor and partner at Charltons Lawyers Edwina Rowan has already achieved so much in her successful career.

In 2005, Edwina began as an articled clerk to Charltons Lawyers before her role quickly began to expand.

“I was admitted as a solicitor to the Supreme Court of Queensland and the High Court of Australia in 2007,” she said.

“I have been exceptionally fortunate that I was mentored by three very hard-working and supportive law firm partners.

“In 2017, I became a partner of Charltons Lawyers.”

This International Women's Day, Edwina is paying homage to her hardworking mum, who she has looked up to most during her life.

“My mother, who is the most hard working and tenacious (albeit stubborn) person I know, is my greatest mentor, sounding board and advocate,” she said.

“She was an exceptionally hard worker and purchased a very modest home when I was in my early teens.”

“We lived very frugally to be able to afford that home and I was very house proud because of the sacrifices she had made to purchase a home that we could call exclusively ours.”

Volunteer roles

Edwina said it was her mum’s determined nature that guided her into a creating a prosperous career path for herself.

And while work keeps her very busy, Edwina said she also participates in a range of side projects — volunteer roles which she is extremely proud to be part of.

“I am fortunate to be the president of the Edon Place Domestic and Family Violence Centre and the Bundaberg Law Association,” she said.

Apart from her career as a lawyer, Edwina Rowan also thoroughly enjoys her role as
president of the Edon Place Domestic and Family Violence Centre.

“Being named as the president of the Edon Place Domestic and Family Violence Centre is one of my most humbling achievements.”

Edwina said the feather in her cap had been the introduction of a men’s behavioural change program during her tenure as president.

“It is such an innovative and cutting edge program facilitated by very dedicated staff,” she said.

 “I am so very proud to have been part of the community that introduced it to the Bundaberg Region.”

Supporting women

Edwina said International Women's Day was a time to reflect on one's own success as well as the tremendous achievements of other women.

“Professionally, I am always impressed by the elegance and grace of Lyn Booth who is the service director of the Edon Place Domestic and Family Violence Centre,” she said.

“Lyn truly is a quiet achiever in her field and her dedication to a holistic approach to tackling domestic violence is humbling.”

Advice to others

For those wanting to follow a career in law, Edwina said hard work and a good reputation always paid off.

“Set your sights very high and seek out like minded individuals who compliment and promote your strengths,” she said.

“Be fierce advocates but do so in a respectful way. Always treat your clients, opponents and colleagues with respect.

“Your reputation will always precede you so set out to be the best example of yourself that you can.”