Apple or Windows: Which do you like to use?


About 80 per cent of computers in the Bundaberg Region run a version of Microsoft Windows, according to Geoff Augutis from Queensland Computers but Apple Mac fans are passionate.

Geoff estimates the split at Windows 80%, Mac 15% and 5% for others including Chrome and Linux.

Apple users tend to be very loyal and proud of their machines.

“It's popular with graphic design professionals as they have amazing apps like Final Cut Pro,” Geoff said.

“In Bundaberg we also see a lot of students opting for the Mac, which can normally be attested to their sleek design and ease of use.”

David Quarrell from Bundaberg film company Associate Media agrees.

“I would absolutely have no other product for office use or in the field,” he said.

“My macbooks have served me well from Papua New Guinea, Solomon Islands and countless trips at sea and in the bush while filming with a number of fishing and adventure TV shows.

“I wouldn’t recommend any other product for the type of work I do.”

Tech Talk with Geoff

One thing we love as humans is to have choice. The nature of this means that we end up being very passionate about choices and have a tendency to double down on our support.

Ford v Holden, PlayStation v XBox, IOS v Android and dare I say ALP v LNP. So let’s look at the one that really matters here which is Apple v Windows PC.


In this category it is hard to compare apples and apples.

For Mac hardware, Apple has full control – they manufacture it all and aren’t reliant on other brands.

This leads to more quality control but less variety and competition.

In contrast, PC has many brands producing, competing and changing. Way more choice but less quality control.


Again Apple have ultimate control as they make both the hardware and software.

PC generally run Windows which while consistent in build is made by Microsoft rather than the Hardware manufacturer (except for Surface which is made also by Microsoft)

Apple fans passionate
Windows or Apple, which is your preference?

Value and cost

Apple Mac computers are not cheap, that is no illusion.

The product is designed to be premium and carry a premium price tag.

They do however have an almost cult following which leads them to retain a good resale value.

PC’s are well represented with value brands (like Acer) right through to premium brands (Microsoft, Alienware/Dell etc).

They are far more flexible to your individual needs and budget but tend to retain very little value.

As with any of these comparisons, it really comes down to personal choice.

If they didn’t both have solid merit, the alternative wouldn’t even exist. People in some industries or hobbies will tend to lead one way or another.

Many of us even work with both, each for their strengths.

If you are passionate about your choice, tell the world why.