Application proposes 48-lot Branyan Drive subdivision

The site on Branyan Drive proposed to be subdivided into 48 lots
The site on Branyan Drive proposed to be subdivided into 48 lots

Bundaberg Regional Council has received a development application to reconfigure two lots at Branyan Drive which would enable a 48-lot subdivision.

The application relates to property at 525 and 549 Branyan Drive, bounded by Gorlicks Road and Double D Drive.

The 6.057ha site is located in the “Emerging Community Zone”.

Planning and Development portfolio spokesman Cr Ross Sommerfeld said the site forms part of a much larger area – about 200 hectares – comprising urban and rural residential lots and former farmland.

Local Area Structure Plan required

“Under Council’s Planning Scheme a development within the Emerging Communities zone may necessitate the need for the lodgement of a Local Area Structure Plan with the application,” Cr Sommerfeld said.

“While the plan is not detailed, its purpose is to demonstrate how the proposed development fits with the future development of the adjoining areas, including any environmental constraints, future land use, road infrastructure and installation of services.”

Cr Sommerfeld said the application relates to a proposed subdivision seeking to create four rural residential lots ranging between 2000sqm to 1.04ha and 44 low-density residential lots ranging from 1000sqm to 2005sqm.

“The development is proposed over two stages with Stage 1 being the creation of the four rural residential lots and Stage 2 encompassing the development of lots 5 to 48,” said Cr Sommerfeld.

“Portions of the subject area are also identified for the development of a stormwater treatment and detention area prior to its discharge into nearby McCoys Creek.

“The construction of 470m of new road being a 17.5m wide road from Gorlicks Road to service a cul-de-sac and other internal lots is also proposed.”

Application discussed at pre-lodgement meeting

“Prior to this development application being lodged the proponents took the opportunity for a pre-lodgement meeting with Council officers and this clarified issues in relation to the application including the need for a Local Structure Plan.”

Cr Sommerfeld said the four rural residential lots in Stage 1 would connect to available town water supplies while all other lots have a requirement to connect to available services.

“Branyan Drive is one of Bundaberg’s desirable residential locations with a mix of rural and rural residential properties.”

He said it appeared the application under consideration conformed to the future urban development potential of the area while providing new roads and better community connectivity.

“I feel the use of a pre-lodgement meeting in this instance provided all parties with a broader understanding of what is required to provide a well-made application to Council,” he said.

“It’s a process I would encourage all potential developers to undertake.”

Branyan Drive subdivision
The proposed Branyan Drive 48 lot subdivision