Bundaberg Region tourism growth continues

Bundaberg tourism growth
The annual Childers Festival is one of the Bundaberg Region's many popular events, scheduled for 27-28 July 2019.

The Bundaberg Region has been a stand-out performer across Australia for tourism growth, according to the latest National Visitor Survey.

Data from Tourism Research Australia for the year ending December 2018 shows the Bundaberg region experienced a 15 per cent growth in domestic visitor numbers.

Bundaberg tourism growth continues, says Katherine Reid.
Bundaberg Region Tourism general manager Katherine Reid.

Bundaberg Tourism general manager Katherine Reid said overnight domestic visitors injected $305 million into the regional economy, up 23 per cent compared with the previous year.

“This is new money being injected into our economy,” she said.

“The strength of the tourism industry generates a significant numbers of jobs.

“Tourism has become more prominent and is being recognised for the powerful contribution it makes to the Bundaberg regional economy and employment opportunities for both a skilled and unskilled workforce, providing an excellent career pathway for young people in the region.”

Bundaberg Region has diverse attractions

Mayor Jack Dempsey welcomed the results, which he said reflected a strong partnership between Bundaberg Tourism and Bundaberg Regional Council.

“Tourism is a major economic driver and it’s terrific to see significant growth being achieved,” he said.

“The Bundaberg Region is a convenient weekend getaway for people from Brisbane and the Sunshine Coast and we have a diverse range of attractions.

“From historic Childers to the unique beverages of Bundaberg and our beautiful coastal areas there is something for everyone.”

Mayor Dempsey said Council and Bundaberg Tourism were working together to attract additional high-quality accommodation, with a potential development opportunity identified near Bundaberg Airport.

Ms Reid said the survey results were also reflected in growth over the past three years at tourism attractions, accommodation venues and those cafes and food experiences that engage in tourism.

“While we are buoyant over the continued increase in visitor numbers and expenditure there is certainly room for more,” she said.

“Tourism is everybody’s business. A strong and united region working together in driving visitation and expenditure and delivering extraordinary visitor experiences underpins a prosperous economy and a healthy community.”

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