Tasmanian quoll has new Bundaberg home


A spotted-tail quoll has a new place to call home after travelling from Tasmania to Bundaberg Zoo in Alexandra Park last week.

The quoll arrived in the region on Friday and has settled in nicely.

Mayor Jack Dempsey met the quoll on a recent trip to Tasmania and said the animal was a truly unique specimen.

“I just want to encourage the community to visit the zoo, to see the quoll and to meet all of our other great animals we have here,” he said.

“Our newest addition is going to add to the many fantastic and interesting animals who call the zoo home.”

Small quoll, big attitude

According to zookeeper Laura, quolls are an endangered animal, small in stature but big in attitude.

“This particular quoll is only nine months old and weighs 1kg,” she said.

“They are nocturnal animals so it is common for them to spend most of the day resting but when they are active they make very good climbers.

“They look like a cuddly friendly possum but they are actually related to the Tasmanian devil and are carnivores- they are definitely not afraid to stand their ground.”

Laura said the quoll had come from a conservation park in Tasmania called Devils @ Cradle and would be in quarantine at the zoo until the end of the month.

Portfolio spokesperson Cr Wayne Honor said he was excited by the quoll’s arrival and believed the animal was one to be admired for its tenacity and feisty nature.

“The spotted-tail quoll is one of the rarest and most elusive animals in the Australian bush,” Cr Honor said.

“To have one at our zoo is a really wonderful and very special thing.”

The quoll will be available for viewing during the Bundaberg Zoo open hours.