Chef Dion excited to feature local produce at Bundy Flavours

Chef Dion Taylor will be plating up local produce at the annual Bundy Flavours.
Chef Dion Taylor will be serving up local produce at the annual Bundy Flavours.

Chef Dion Taylor is no stranger to cooking with local produce and on 6 July he’ll be plating up on stage at Bundy Flavours.

The annual event is a celebration of everything grown, produced, brewed, distilled and created in the Bundaberg Region.

Dion, who is the chef and owner of HSG at the Gardens, said he was excited to be participating in his fifth Bundy Flavours.

“Bundy Flavours is the must-go-to experience for any foodie,” Dion said.

“It gives me an opportunity to showcase all of our local flavours, the local growers and processors and put all of their stuff, all of their amazing product, on to one plate.”

“So whether you are an experienced home cook, a qualified chef or cook or just someone that wants to come along and see what our region has to offer, Bundy Flavours is part of the must do things to look at this year.”

He said tastings were always in high demand at the Bundy Flavours stage when local and celebrity chefs served up inspiration to turn the fresh produce available at the event in to a delectable meal.

“People get excited about tasting what’s on the plate, they really want to get involved because they like learning about what we’re actually cooking and producing from our region.”

Dion loves to cook with local produce

Dion has spent 15 years in the Bundaberg Region and had previously practised his trade throughout Australia and overseas with access to worldwide markets.

But he says the Bundaberg Region is second to none.

“The beauty I think with Bundaberg is that we don’t need to be looking so much out of the region, we have so many commodities already here.

“That’s probably the secret. Cooking with fresh and local means that nothing has travelled.

“So you’ve got a much stronger flavour sensation, all the individual sugars and things haven’t broken down in the fruits and vegetables.

“You get a more intense level of flavour, but a more authentic level as well.”

He said his restaurant featured local ingredients wherever possible.

“For us it’s about finding out what is in season and then changing menus to suit.

“The biggest thing that we are really passionate about is our lunch specials and evening specials because they are not that special for a month, that’s that now, that’s the moment.

“So being able to enjoy what’s in season as it comes across the table or as it comes to the kitchen door.”

The free Bundy Flavours event will feature food and market stalls and a range of cooking demonstrations from 7 am to 2 pm on Saturday 6 July in Alexandra Park.