Millie’s Microgreens growing business

Millie's Microgreens
Mandy Cameron has started her own business Millie's Microgreens selling microgreens grown in her greenhouse

Nutritious miniature plants are the basis for new North Bundaberg business Millie’s Microgreens after Mandy Cameron discovered them while studying hydroponics about eight months ago.

Mandy said Millie’s Microgreens was in the early stages but her aim was to help educate the community about the tiny plants.

She said there were many health benefits when it came to eating the edible greens.

“Initially I wanted to grow my own fruit and vegetables.

“While researching hydroponics, I came across growing microgreens.

“The health benefits of microgreens is absolutely amazing.”

Mandy said each microgreen had different vitamins including Vitamin A, C, E and K.

“They contain more vitamins and antioxidants than the mature plant.

“These antioxidants can stop the body from creating cancer cells and aid in everything from cardiovascular health to boosting your immune system.”

Millie's Microgreens
Mandy Cameron and her daughters Chelsea and Keira with the microgreens Mandy grew for her new business Millie's Microgreens

So what are microgreens?

Microgreens, sometimes referred to as vegetable confetti, include a range of edible immature greens, harvested less than a month after germination.

The single mother-of-two started Millie’s Microgreens to help while she studies nursing at university and says she’s become passionate about what she has learnt and hopes to teach others.

“I want to educate people about adding these into their diet for the great health benefits and so they realise that they are much more than a fancy garnish,” Mandy said.

Millie's Microgreens locally owned and operated

Microgreens are considered relatively easy to grow and Mandy grows them in her backyard greenhouse.

“I grow everything in my small green house which I hope to expand if business picks up.

“I'm locally owned and operated and use only water and sunshine to grow my product. No nasty chemicals added.

Millies Microgreens
Mandy Cameron has started her own business Millie's Microgreens selling microgreens grown in her greenhouse

“At the moment I am growing red cabbage, broccoli, pea tendrils, red arrow radish, sango radish and sunflowers.”

Although Mandy’s first plan was to grow fruit and vegetables she said she was now focusing on growing the miniature plants for Millie’s Microgreens.

“I am waiting on some stickers to put on the punnets for my product with the hope of getting some grocery stores to stock my product,” she said.

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