New dog agility areas have tails wagging

Dog agility areas
Daniel Pegg, Barb Taylor, Heather Ronas and Kym Vidal with their dogs for agility training.

Tails will be wagging at four dog-off leash areas throughout the region with #BRCbudget19 funding allocated to install agility equipment.

Bundaberg Regional Council animal control spokesperson Cr Scott Rowleson said it was an initiative that he was confident would be welcomed by the community.

“As a region we are passionate about our pets and based on community feedback we know residents are looking for Council to continue investing in our off leash areas,” Cr Rowleson said.

Dog agility areas
Barb Taylor watches Kym Vidal and Bella at agility training.

“It’s terrific to see this funding set aside for agility equipment at all four dog off leash areas as well as a seating and shelter area at Daph Geddes Park.”

Cr Rowleson said the selection of equipment would be made to suit all dog intelligence and health levels.

“Council is still in discussions with potential suppliers to finalise the types of equipment that we can include but we hope to see them installed before the end of the year.”

He said by using the equipment, dog owners could potentially see an improvement in pet behaviour.

“Using dog agility equipment can actually increase the owner’s off-leash control of their dog.

“Being able to climb, jump and weave also fulfils a dog’s natural instincts and as such will be something they enjoy.”

Bundaberg Dog Sports Club trainer Barb Taylor said agility equipment was a terrific training tool for pooches.

“It enables people to have fun with their dogs,” Ms Taylor said.

Dog agility areas
Daniel Pegg with Ruby and Barb Taylor on the dog agility course.

“The more you work with your dogs the better response you have from your dog.

“They love doing the work.”

She said from club experience the dogs would always look forward to agility lessons on Tuesday nights.

“Most our dogs know it’s Tuesday and they are wanting to go. Some of these dogs become quite addicted to agility

“They enjoy themselves. They love tunnels, dog walks, jumps.”

Ms Taylor said using agility equipment wasn’t just a fun day out for your four-legged friend.

“It reinforces the good behaviour, good socialisation.

“With timid dogs it builds up their confidence, you get a much better overall dog.”

However she said it wasn’t just dog health that could benefit.

“The handler is challenged to try and get their dog around the course. Out in the outdoors its better health-wise. I think it’s wonderful.”

Ms Taylor encouraged all pet owners to try out the dog agility equipment when installed.

“Any breed can do agility. Some are better suited than others but that doesn’t mean they can’t do it,” she said.


  1. When is the Bundy council going to spend money on the smaller communities, we pay rates too. I don’t mean small token things, we have a large number of travellers going through Childers and its beginning to get cramped. Open up more caravan areas, more areas for the travelers to park in.

  2. Thank god… moved up from the Gold Coast with my dog … and there is absolutely no where to take him
    I wanted to walk my dog on the beach!!!! Please provide more dog friendly beaches for our loved dogs

  3. What about all the ratepayers that don’t own a dog? If people who own dogs want them to jump through hoops, put one in their own yard.

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