Compost tips: worm your way to garden growth


Diane Southwell, one of the region's gardening gurus, is giving residents compost tips and tricks to make the home garden flourish.

This week, Diane focuses on the benefits of compost for the garden and for the home.

“Compost bins are fabulous. There are so many ways to compost,” she said.

“What I do with my compost is I usually dig a hole and bury my veggie scraps straight away and let them break down slowly.

“Or you can invest in a tumbler.”

Diane said for those who wanted to get crafty, cutting the bottom out of a bin and adding a lid was also the perfect way to create healthy compost.

“You can sit that on your garden and throw all your scraps in there to create a beautiful compost,” she said.

“The worms love it. It is very exciting when you dig into the ground and you find a whole lot of worms.”

Garden tips: why compost?

Last year, Bundaberg Regional Council challenged residents to be more waste wise after a sample audit discovered that more than 70% of what goes into a general waste bin could be recycled, mulched or composted.

When organics such as food scraps and garden waste are buried in landfill it increases greenhouse emissions through the production of methane gas and this contributes to climate alteration.

You can help the environment and your garden by recycling organic waste and compost in your own backyard.