Couple ecstatic after winning $1000 off rates

East Bundaberg couple Troy and Michelle Kling are on top of the world after winning $1000 off their rates simply for signing up to the Council’s eRates initiative.

East Bundaberg couple Troy and Michelle Kling are on top of the world after winning $1000 off their rates simply for signing up to Bundaberg Regional Council’s eRates initiative.

Michelle was delighted when the call came in saying she and Troy were the lucky winners.

“This is the first thing I have ever won!” Michelle shouted with glee.

“I am absolutely gobsmacked – I have entered lots of competitions and with the $1000 prize this is great to be my first win.”

Michelle said she liked to keep on top of her finances and she pays her bills, including rates, on a fortnightly basis.

The win will mean Michelle can reduce her future fortnightly payments.

“The extra money will now go to paying off another bill faster!” she said.

Michelle said she heard about the competition through a Council email telling her how to register online and move with modern times.

“It’s funny because all of my bills are electronic but I was not good with computers, so my son helped me set them up,” she said.

“This was the first electronic bill I set up all by myself!” she said.

“I used to keep them all in a book as I think it’s important to be on top of your bills.

“I didn’t do it to win, I did it because I find having all my bills in my email very easy to keep organised; they are just right there in the folders, wherever you are on your phone.

“Now I am absolutely over the moon, thank you!”

eRates campaign a success

Bundaberg Regional Council finance portfolio spokesman Cr Steve Cooper said the eRates campaign was a success, with 3000 new registrations taking place since April.

“The take-up was very positive, and people were very keen to make the switch,” Cr Cooper said.

“Most people do it now with other bills such as Ergon and mobile phones, so it just makes sense, and registering for eRates is very simple.

“The benefits of registering for eRates is far more than just receiving your bill online. It will mean you are signed up and ready to take advantage of more digital services as they are rolled out.”

Cr Cooper said the eRates campaign was part of Bundaberg Regional Council’s journey to become a smart city.

“In our modern world there is no longer any need for rate notices to be sent by snail mail,” Cr Cooper said.

“It simply costs money, takes longer and has a negative impact on the environment.”

He said Council was following the lead of other local governments throughout the state by offering eRates.

  • To find out how to register for eRates click here.