Keep your garden looking lush this Spring


Spring has officially sprung in Bundaberg and gardening guru Diane Southwell has some top tips to keep your plants blooming all through the season.

Diane said pruning was an important part of a garden's health to ensure flowering would continue season by season.

“The best time to prune is after your plant has flowered to create more flowers, new growth,” she said.

“It is good for the plant, it just gives it a new lease on life.”

Diane said there were many benefits to pruning your plants.

“Not only are you creating more flowers for the new season or the next flush, you are also shaping the bush exactly how you would like it to grow,” she said.

Spring gardening: what tools work best?

According to Diane, a good pair of secateurs work just fine for pruning plants.

“Secateurs are the best things to use if you are cutting anything two centimetres or less,” she said.

“Cuts are usually at a 45 degree angle above a node.

“The reason you can't on an angle is so the water drips away from the branch and from the node.”

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