Love and Sound brings natural therapies to CBD

Arorah Marshall will open Love and Sound Natural Therapies in the CBD next month.
Arorah Marshall will open Love and Sound Natural Therapies in the CBD next month. Photo: Morgan Everett

Using the vibrations of sound, Arorah Marshall is bringing her natural therapies business to the Bundaberg CBD to help people tackle issues including anxiety, depression and more.

The healer and luminary uses vibrational medicine, sound healing and intuitive insight to guide her clients into a space of safety and empowerment.

Based from her home for a number of years, Arorah said she needed to take her skill-set into the Bundaberg CBD to continue to grow her Love and Sound Natural Therapies, which will officially open in The Loft, Target Arcade, next month.

“It's truly a magical space and I am so excited to share it with the community,” she said.

“Think drums, think gongs, think creative, think vibrations think chandeliers, think natural, think beautiful and you're not even nearly there.

“Love and Sound is a space for you to immerse yourself in sound, in love, in connection and community.”

Love and Sound
Arorah Marshall and Belinda Beduhn at the Love and Sound location in The Loft, Target Arcade.

How Love and Sound therapy helps

​Arorah is a trained specialist and facilitates healing in the form of sound baths, tuning forks, Reiki, massage and more to create relaxing and meditative experiences in individual and group sessions.

By working with the BAST method of sound healing, Arorah’s sound baths work on repairing the DNA to relieve anxiety, activate self-healing, promote restorative sleep and facilitate self confidence in clients.

She said the techniques have been shown to affect physiology, neurology and psychology, improving mental health and well-being. 

“Sound therapy uses sound, music and specialist instruments played in therapeutic ways to improve health and well-being,” she said.

“All of our organs vibrate at different frequencies.

“By using sound therapy, we are tapping into those frequencies, looking for blockages in the system and releasing those blockages.”

Arorah said her practices were also about self-reflection.

“I use techniques to help clients,” she said.

“We are all a mirror of ourselves and our surround environment can have a great impact on what is happening to us internally so those are some of the things I look into.”

Relaxing after a hard day of study and having fun playing with one of my Gongs

Posted by Love & Sound Natural Therapies on Monday, December 5, 2016

Transformation at The Loft

Arorah said she had worked hard to transform her new space at The Loft in the Target Arcade into a calming area for her clients.

“It has been completely transformed and it looks incredible,” she said.

“We will have a special opening for the community in October which will also incorporate other well-being practices.

Love and Sound Natural Therapies will officially open to the community on Saturday, 5 October at The Loft in the Target Arcade, Bourbong Street.

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