Bundaberg Early Holden Club hunts for charity

Bundaberg Early Holden Club scavenger hunt
Anna Harris, David Harris and Lorraine Harris with a 1962 EK Holden at the Bundaberg Early Holden Club scavenger hunt.

Car lovers turned out for a good cause today when they participated in the Bundaberg Early Holden Club scavenger hunt to raise money for motor neuron disease.

Bundaberg Early Holden Club organised the event, after a similar affair last year raised $1000 for MND. It was open to all vehicle types including hot rods, classic cars and bicycles.

Car enthusiasts from across the Bundaberg Region had their engines warmed and revving at 9am for the start of the scavenger hunt, with Bundaberg Early Holden Club social director Lyle Whitley advising people to keep their eyes peeled for special landmarks.

“It’s an observation run, where people follow directions and write down what they find when they arrive,” Lyle said.

“It could be anything from a rusty car in a field, a pineapple farm or teddy bears and elephants on the fence.”

Bundaberg Early Holden Club scavenger hunt
Malcolm and Kathy Strathdee with a 1940 Buick at the Bundaberg Early Holden Club scavenger hunt.

Lyle said last year was the inaugural event, which had 36 cars participate and this year was bigger and better.

Along with the scavenger hunt the Early Holden Club Bundaberg held a barbecue for automobile fans to socialise and view the range of vehicles.

Lyle said the day helped raise money for MND, a condition which affects the nerve cells (neurons), causing weakness in the muscles that gets worse and eventually leads to paralysis.

He said a past member had the disease but had since passed away and that’s why the club thought it was important to fundraise for further research.

Lyle said it was the second biggest annual family-orientated event the Early Holden Club held after the All Holden Day, which was held in May.

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Bundaberg Early Holden Club hunt
Mayor Jack Dempsey was among the motoring enthusiasts at the Bundaberg Early Holden Club scavenger hunt.
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