New entry signs highlight local talent

entry signs local talent
LOCAL TALENT: Council designer Chris Straker and Signmax's Brendan Parker and Matt Norris with the new welcome sign.

Meet the locals behind Bundaberg’s new entry signs which not only put the region’s attractions on display but also its skills and industries.

Bundaberg Regional Council graphic designer Chris Straker has more than 30 years’ experience in the industry but classes the entry signs as one of the most significant projects she’s ever been involved with.

“I was very excited to be involved in something as significant as this for the community,” Chris said.

Living in the region her entire schooling and working life, she said the entry signs project was one that was close to her heart.

“I really do want to make a difference in this community,” she said.

“I would like to make our region stand out from the rest.”

Local talent created new signs

JAC Fabrications was one of about 15 local businesses involved in the project.

Owners Jason and Caron Lynch were pleased to provide the steel for the design elements.

“We cut it all out and made it all fit together,” Caron said.

“It was such an honour really, to be honest, to be chosen. The guys put a lot of pride into the jobs.

“We all knew the significance of what we were doing.”

She said it was one of the most unique projects the team had been involved in.

“We appreciate that the Council have supported local tradies and apprentices,” she said.

“We employ apprentices here and they got to work on the job as well.

“There’s a lot of people that are very proud of it.”

Caron said JAC Fabrications got “bits and pieces” from other businesses like Bundaberg Fasteners and always sourced materials locally wherever possible.

entry signs local talent
STANDING TALL: Designer Chris Straker and SignMax representatives Brendan Parker and Matt Norris were proud to play a role in the creation of the new entry signs.

SignMax also played a significant role in the production of the signs.

Owner Brendan Parker said his team had been working on the project for “a good two months”.

“We’re very happy about it,” Brendan said.

“It is probably the most high-profile sign [we’ve been involved in], it’s the main sign in to Bundaberg.

“It’s very exciting and will hopefully be there for a long time.”

Brendan said securing a major project like this meant job security for his four-person team.

“We’re only a very small place so we were pretty ecstatic we got chosen to help do it,” he said.

“It’s great that we can come up with something like that here and complete most of it here without having to outsource.

“It helps everyone out.”

Chris said it was no easy task designing a sign that represents the Bundaberg Region and its diverse features and attractions.

“I chose an abstract design for the sign because how else do you put such an amazing and diverse region, with so many wonderful features, into one statement structure?

“I love being able to make a difference and was excited with the challenge.

“I also wanted the sign to have an ‘eco’ feel and to blend in with its surrounding environment.

“All of the elements represent different parts of our region from the front and from the back view it resembles a tree.”

The signage elements in Chris’ words:

entry signs local talent
New entry signs display highlights of the region's attractions.

This element represents the region’s traditional owners. We consulted with local Indigenous groups on the design who were happy with the concept.

An avocado leaf provides an abstract representation of the region’s salad bowl status.
The ploughed field represents the diverse colours of our rich agricultural soils that caters to a range of production opportunities for sugar cane, macadamias, strawberries and so many more.

The blue water element represents the river flowing out to the sea.

Coral and turtle
This element represents the region’s coastline, the Great Barrier Reef and our iconic turtles who always return to the region, just like our visitors will!

Residents provide feedback on new entry signs

The announcement of the new signs being installed generated a high level of interest on social media with many people welcoming the fresh new look.

Daphne Keys commented: “Great signage with different coloured crops, and leaves of course the turtle, so much to see if you look. Lovely large signage so it can be read from moving vehicles”.

Mark Terry said it looked good to him.

“Driving at 80 all you really need to know is you've arrived at Bundaberg and that it's a fresh, colourful, vibrant place. Job done,” he said.

The project was funded by the State Government under its Works for Queensland program.

Local businesses who worked on the entry signs include:

  • JAC Fabrication
  • SignMax
  • Glen Hooper Painting
  • Coating Industries
  • Metalcorp (Bluescope Distribution)
  • Kenco
  • Richer’s Transport
  • Wide Bay Crane Hire
  • Empire Engineering
  • Rum City Certifiers
  • Hanlon Excavations
  • Forgacs Constructions
  • Holmes Hydro Excavation
  • Reliable Hire
  • Bundaberg Fasteners


  1. Brilliant work everyone….It would be even better now to provide more native trees and native gardens longitudinally along those entries especially where the view isn’t particularly good. Keep up this terrific revitalisation work which will impress visitors and make locals feel more proud of the wonderful region they live and work in

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