Beneficial bugs that help your garden grow


The bees are out and the insects are loving life now that the warmer weather is here, but how do you get the good garden bugs to stick around and the bad ones to buzz off?

Bundaberg Region gardening guru Diane Southwell said it was all about introducing the right plants to your garden.

She said for attracting all of the good insects to your yard, pungent plants were the way to go.

“You can't go wrong with growing herbs as far as being a really good plant to attract insects as well as letting off different aromas,” she said.

Bees are a good garden bug

To attract bees to your area Diane said a bit of lemon basil never went astray.

“We have quite a few bee hives around my area, native bees and European bees,” she said.

“The European bees are loving the basil and they are very good pollinators – and butterflies, I have them everywhere.”

To ward off those pesky bugs like mosquitoes, Diane said there were a variety of natural ways to help your garden.

“There are quite a few plants you can put around to help repel your mosquitoes,” she said.

“I have a selection of rosemary and the pelargonium citronella plant for this purpose.”

Garden bugs
Diane Southwell has some great tips about attracting good bugs to your garden.