Tamarin monkeys get up close in zoo 360 footage


A 360-degree video is letting people get up close and personal with Alexandra Park Zoo's resident Cotton-Top Tamarin monkeys, Solita and Turbo. Use your mouse or move your phone to follow the monkey!

Taken from inside the Bundaberg Regional Council zoo enclosure, the video let's viewers explore the monkey’s surroundings while getting a glimpse of the playful nature of the cute creatures from all angles.

The immersive technology, also known as spherical videos, is footage where a view in every direction is recorded at the same time.

Bundaberg's Cotton-Top Tamarin's Solita and Turbo

Found only in humid tropical forest in north-west Colombia, experts estimate between 6000 Cotton-Top Tamarin monkeys remain in the wild.

Solita and Turbo were first introduced to the Bundaberg Region in 2015 and the mother and daughter duo have been melting hearts ever since.

“Turbo is Solita’s daughter. Solita is 21 years old and Turbo is 9,” Zoo Curator David Flack said.

“Turbo is the sassy, bossy one. She will often squeal at the keepers when they don’t bring her food fast enough.”

Mum is a bit more reserved, according to David, who said Solita had already experienced a life of extensive travel before landing in Bundaberg.

“Solita is well travelled. She was born in the United States of America at Nashville Zoo and took a couple of breeding vacations to zoos in Canada while she was there,” he said.

“She then relocated to Perth Zoo in 2002, before retiring here at Alexandra Park Zoo in 2015 to enjoy her twilight years with the company of her daughter.”

David said the monkeys were always a delight to watch and he urged residents to come down to the zoo and say hello in person.

“Luckily Bundaberg Region residents don't have to travel 14,543km to Columbia to see these incredible monkeys, just visit them for free at Alexandra Park Zoo,” he said.