Ohana cider production move caps off great year

Ohana cider
Ohana Cider House and Winery owners Zoe Young and Josh Phillips are excited for the expansion of their East Bundaberg operations when they bring all cider production and bottling on site.

Ohana Cider House and Winery will move cider production to their East Bundaberg cellar door, providing more tourism opportunities for the popular venture.

Just over 12 months ago owners Zoe Young and Josh Phillips opened their East Bundaberg cider house, with production of their range of wines and ciders taking place in Childers.

Following the success of their cider house, Josh said it made sense for the pair to move their cider production and bottling on site.

“We’ve been here for a year, we’ve been obviously selling a lot of our stuff through here now as our main cellar door,” Josh said.

“So we wanted to move the whole operation here just to make it easier on us.

“You can’t be in two places at once when you’re trying to make products so it will definitely be more efficient for us.”

Ohana cider
The Ohana Cider House and Winery in East Bundaberg will soon be able to show visitors the process from “apple to stubby”.

The pair hope that the move will also entice more visitors, creating more interest in tours around the brewing process.

“The whole operation from apple to stubby will be in here for our cider.

“It’s just better for tourism and better to show people around and explain what we do and how we do it.”

The pair said they were currently producing about 3000 litres of Ohana cider per month.

“We’ve been here in Bundaberg just over 12 months,” Zoe said.

“We moved across in August last year and it’s been great.

“We’ve noticed lots of tourism, lots of people coming in to kind of see what you can do in Bundaberg and, more importantly, what you can taste in Bundaberg.

“We love being a part of that.”

For the time being they will retain their Childers property, which also includes an 11-acre orchard, for wine production.

“If the demand picks up for certain products then that will be where our focus goes in the long run.”