Snap up a crab with the full moon tides

Mitch Beyer and young Lawson Morgan wit the nice mud crab the picked up last weekend.
Mitch Beyer and young Lawson Morgan with a nice mud crab they picked up last weekend.

Baffle Creek and Kolan River

Crabs are on the move again in the Baffle and Kolan systems.

It will be well worth a go to chuck the crab pots in this weekend with the full moon tides.

The bigger tides are in the mornings so make sure you have your pots in soaking for that tide. The mangrove jack and queenfish have been in full flight as well.

Most of these fish have been caught on Lucky Craft Pointers and Halco poppers.

Don’t forget to pack the whiting gear because there’s been plenty of these tasty little critters getting around on the shallow sand bars towards the mouth.

Bundaberg offshore

It looks like we just might be in for chance to get offshore from Bundaberg this weekend! With the big tides, the trout and red throat emperor should be super active.

I reckon if you’re in the shallows early either Saturday or Sunday morning you’ll be in for some fun action.

If you want to chase reds in the deep I’d definitely be aiming to fish the tops and bottoms of the tides.

High tide will be around 9.30 am and low tide will be at 4 pm on Saturday. Remember to check always the updated forecast before heading out.

Bundaberg inshore

With the big tides this weekend there should be plenty of bait getting around, which should stir the mackerel right up.

I’d be focusing on fishing towards Elliott Heads way to find the clearer water.

Anchoring on the Cochrane Artificial Reef and dropping lightly-weighted pilchards down on gang hooks will get you into some exciting action.

I like setting a pilchard out the back then throwing soft plastics and 20g vibes up-current and working them back on the bottom with the tide.

You will catch plenty of different species of fish with that technique.

Burnett River

The Burnett has been producing some ripper mud crabs over the past week! People have been catching an awesome feed all throughout the river.

The mangrove jack and flathead haven’t been disappointing either.

Most of these fish have been caught towards the bottom of low tide over the rock bars and around the jetties.

Slow-rolling paddle-tail soft plastics and setting live baits out will get you the live action.

Ash Rahaley with the nice bass she caught on a spinnerbait at Lake Gregory last weekend.
Ash Rahaley with the nice bass she caught on a spinnerbait at Lake Gregory last weekend.

Lake Monduran

The Lake Monduran barra are turning into proper beasts of fish! With plenty being caught over 80cm now you want to be on your game to get them out of the timbers.

Getting there for the early morning bite is a wise move because that’s when these fish are most active over these hot summer days. Jackall Squirrels have again been doing the damage.

Don’t be scared to fish the slightly deeper spots because that’s where the cooler water will be.

Till next time, keep it real
Mitch Beyer

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