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Father and son race AC Shelby Cobra

AC Shelby Cobra
Michael and Isaac Schipper with their blue Cobra ready to leave for the A Series Sprints at Morgan Park Raceway.

A Bundaberg father-son duo are getting ready to hit the tracks and put pedal to the metal in their AC Shelby Cobra at Warwick this weekend.

Michael and Isaac Schipper will be competing against each other, themselves and 110 other drivers in the A Series Sprints at Morgan Park Raceway.

It's events like this that the local men have been participating in ever since Michael realised his passion for the slick Cobra vehicle.

“These cars were first built in the 1960s and with only about 998 originals ever made,” he said.

“The Cobra is the most copied car for replicas in the world.

“They have a classic shape, low weight and high horsepower and the power-to-weight ratio is awesome.”

With Isaac's help, Michael said he built his first silver street car in 2011, a feat that took more than four years to achieve but now sits as his pride and joy in the front shed of his home.

“I started the build in 2007,” he said.

“It started off with the fiberglass body and chassis and then all the pieces were added from there.

“About 90 per cent was completed in the shed and the rest was worked on with help from local businesses.”

With his son's interest in the vehicle also peaking at this time, the pair began racing together in various events in Australia.

“Dad started off racing first and then he asked me to join along,” Isaac said.

“We’ve dual entered into the Cobra Nationals for a few years before which consisted of a few different events like a eighth-mile drag, slalom runs, small hill climbs and the main sprint races down at Wakefield Park Raceway.

“I love everything about Cobras; the old school style and shape and the wind in the hair while driving and being so close to the road is an amazing feeling.”

This weekend, Michael and Isaac will put themselves and their newest and bluest ride to the test once more.

“In January, I purchased a blue 1989 RMC AC Shelby Cobra Replica Race Car, which has been designed to drive on track only,” Michael said.

“It’s a purpose built race car so it’s designed to be lightweight with fully adjustable suspension geometry while being as safe as possible,” Isaac added.

“It has full racing slicks to get as much grip as it can.”

The pair will each take turns in racing the cobra and are hoping to beat their own time from previous years as well as come out as fastest time overall.

AC Shelby Cobra
The blue 1989 RMC AC Shelby Cobra Replica Race Car the duo will race for the first time this weekend.

They both agreed the true test of the weekend would be finding out who the fastest Schipper is.

“Isaac has been quicker previously, I hope to change that this weekend,” Michael laughed.

“My first race was here in 2014 so I’m just glad to be back. I guess the only time that matters is one that’s quicker then dads,” Isaac said.

The Schippers will begin their racing on Friday night and will return home to Bundaberg, with hopefully a new fastest time or two, on Sunday.

To find out more about the competition click here.

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